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Title: 1990 Espace Automatic
Post by: renaultsan on November 06, 2013, 01:06:38 am
Not been on for a while, silly me could not remember the password - but that's fixed now. Just a word about the Wife's Espace. We managed to get 4 new Dunlops off ebay here in USA for $198 deliverd, fitted and balanced them in our work shop and since 26th July it has covered 3537 miles.
Over this last week end, the car covered 844 trouble free miles, most  of that cruising at 80mph. Overall fuel consumption was very good at 33.5mpg running on 93 unleaded.
During the summer with outside temperatures of 100 to 110 f, there was absolutely no sign of overheating thanks to earlier precautions (see earlier blogs) of new temperature switch, the one that talks to the engine computer and a low temperature radiator fan switch from a Renault  5 turbo, much lower than the standard Espace unit. And before somebody asks, no, the low temperature switch does not cause excessive fan running, what it does do, is help  in heavy slow traffic.