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Title: Choke mechanism on 36DCNF
Post by: roy4matra on May 02, 2014, 10:42:42 pm
I have recently investigated why the choke mechanism was jamming on a Bagheera and found that the RH carb. choke mechanism was damaged inside - one of the gear teeth was bent over against the next tooth with no possibility to 'straighten'.  Consequently it needs a new set of gears and a pivot, but since these will probably be impossible to get, I need a choke mechanism from another 36 DCNF carb.

Does anyone have an old worn out Bagheera 36 DCNF that is only good for spares, that I could get the mechanism off?  The Bagheera is a really nice one and on the road all the time so it is important I can get it repaired.  Thanks.