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Title: PCV Valve
Post by: Zeph on October 17, 2006, 09:55:53 pm

I have just aquired a 1994 Espace 2.0 Helios with 116K miles on the clock.

it's got a few problems, mainly electrical (passenger window, mirror, radiator fans etc), but the biggest at the moment seems to be oil.
In just over a week it appears to have used about a litre of oil !, there is no blue smoke to indicate that it is burning it, and there are no apparent leaks from the engine area, however I did notice that when the dipstick is removed oil will spit out, i've looked on the internet and reckon that this is caused by blowby revving the engine causes a black substance to spray from the exhaust which I thought might be oil but from what I have read this may be just a mixture of water vapor and soot from the exhaust.

Anyway it seems that blowby can be caused by a blocked or inoperative PCV valve ? do you think this could be the cause of my problems, other symptoms includes a high idle, feels like the accelerator is stuck slightly about 2k revs, but usually tapping the accelerator stops it briefly.

Also does anyone have a pic of the PCV valve? how easy would it be to replace / clean

Thanks for any replies