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Title: Floor mat < 30
Post by: TheJoker on October 17, 2006, 10:40:53 pm

I think I mentioned that we happened to walk past Carpet Right and they had this offcut of a vinyl flooring. We got it for 30, and cut it up for the back of the Espace. :) It's not super-duper-factory-fit, but it's enough to roll a few motorbike wheels on.
We also made  a boot mat for my girlfriends Clio... and there's plenty left. I reckon the piece I've got in the Espace is about 18 if one would be picky.
It took a very long time to measure and get the holes for the seats vaguely right... Still, I'm quite pleased  8)

Title: Re: Floor mat < 30
Post by: Anders Dinsen on October 18, 2006, 07:08:29 am
That looks splendid!

Although the carpet in the Espace cleans up very nicely, this should really save you a lot of cleaning since I assume you can just wipe it off or use a broom to clean it. Winter is approaching, so some might be able to use the idea to protect the carpet from children's winter boots.