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Title: Disaster again.
Post by: WessexElectricNutter on November 10, 2014, 08:34:38 pm
So, since my last blog entry, I got rid of a car (focus) and the blue espace is back on the road, I also gained an Omega B but hey.

The Silver Espace has been riddled with yet more faults, its becoming a lot like a lemon. A power steering pipe burst and sent fluid everywhere, including (the entrance to) Guildford station carpark. AA patched it up and thankfully, the patch has lasted over 2,000 miles and I got a new pipe too. I found a calliper that was binding, so I replaced it, broke the replacement, got another, works. After a problem trying to bleed the bloody brakes.

Now a new problem, the gear control cable snapped on the day I write this. Driving off from Fishbourne roundabout, on the A27, reminding a guy his lights was off, *crunch*..... oh and the gearstick goes flop in 3rd and fourth. Great. Stop, turn it off, turn it on, still flop.... I think I got a bigger problem. Drove home in only third, clogging up most of the traffic with hazards on letting them know I got a big problem, but made it. However, looks like i got a control cable issue, I can't use first, second, fifth or reverse. I'm glad it happened about a mile and a half from home and not 200 miles like what happened to my clio when my brake pads wore out completely! And I thought the discs were warped.