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Title: 1990 J116 Espace Automatic
Post by: renaultsan on December 13, 2014, 06:47:03 pm
So with the only Espace in USA, some idiot Yank managed to hit the back of ours in the super market car park and of course,did not leave any details!  They managed to push the left mounting back so hard it folded the mounting iron back on itself and on the right side cracked the GRP all around the mounting.
The bumper is now off the car in my work shop under repair. Both bumper irons have been straightened and run through our sand blaster then painted so are back to new condition. I welded up a quick jig from scrap metal and clamped that to the bumper to keep the alignment right and the damaged sections are now being built up with layers of GRP and resin.
I have posted some initial pictures and will post more later as the repair progresses up to the finished repainted item.