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Title: One for the wiring gurus.
Post by: WessexElectricNutter on December 29, 2014, 09:34:14 pm
I wonder if anyone can help me with this. A little mod I wish to do is fit satnav to one of my espaces. Now I've done this before on my Mk1 clio after investigating a lot of "dead" wiring, so I am wondering what I can use.
When I installed a VDO Dayton system, I hid the main unit under my (drivers) seat, ran a perminant wire from the fuse for the automatic gearbox permanent feed (5A - as it s a manual one) with an inline 5A fuse and use the other feed to "switch it on" from the radio. It works, but I was concerned about the load... well it hasn't caught fire yet and I hope it doesn't! Thus I had a CD changer that runs off the same feed, IIRC but restricted to 2 amps.

Now in the Espace, I'm looking for any dead wires I can just chop a plug off at my next scrappie visit on my diesel one and plug in then change the wiring after the plug to make it fully "reversible". I'm thinking of the AT wires again, but the sat nav kit I'm installing needs a permanent and switched feed. Does anyone know where to get a switched feed from apart from either
A) The Cigarette lighter
B) The radio?

Also, does anyone know the wiring colours for the injectors on an L7X engine? Mine has a couple of bits left over from my LPG system and the thing I want to do now is remove the last bits which is the ECU and the tank. (Then someone is free to take the lot if they want it.). I've been told the front 3 injectors work, but the back 3 go dead if you plug them in directly which is why I am after a wiring diagram.

Title: Re: One for the wiring gurus.
Post by: Anders Dinsen on January 04, 2015, 09:06:59 pm
I took the feed from the 12V output between the front seats and ran wires up to a cigarette lighter socket inside the glove compartment. I power the satnav from there. I have a Garmin sitting on one of these on the dash - works great


Title: Re: One for the wiring gurus.
Post by: WessexElectricNutter on January 16, 2015, 11:14:32 pm
Thanks for the reply, but I am going to errm and umm you for a bit. Here's my lovely sat nav kit, notice the parts(!). Its a VDO PC5200 (well, effectively with the right bits, a MS5200) sourced on eBay. Its a great system to use as it becomes built in and the Espace catalouge lists the older variant (MS5000 - I have the slightly later one in my Clio as a retrofit) as an option. Anyway, heres my system.

Notice the system actually uses standard ISO connections for the radio. Before anyone says anything, I don't really like the idea drawing an extra 5AMP from the radio side (both on the ACC and permanent feeds as there is enough with the bluetooth car kit, leeching off the supply.) Although the fitting instructions also mention "10 amp from the battery." I'm running 2AMP from my 12V supply!
( (
( (
( (

Wiring diagram for what does what is here:
Third page explains and its the same for what I have.

EDIT: Just got also thinking, what is the speed signal? Analogue or digital? I'm thinking of tapping the display loom for the speed signal.

Title: Re: One for the wiring gurus.
Post by: BrianM on February 06, 2015, 12:33:20 am
I have one of these in my Espace. Unlike the old cd/dvd models that have a gyro in them the pc version does not. Once you go into a tunnel the map will stop. You need the speedo feed signal. I never got to look it up yet. I prefer the vdo to many modern systems. You can get an up to date map at

Title: Re: One for the wiring gurus.
Post by: WessexElectricNutter on May 09, 2015, 08:37:40 pm
Finally, I got down to it, after stumbling across a wire in a scrap Espace.. My local scrappie even fished it out after I was looking for something else (rear wiring looms, need 2 as my windows in the back don't raise on the back switches and one sometimes won't raise at all from the front switches). Which in turn ended up being a full strip down with rubbish in the car to extract anything interesting/useable, I even thought about nicking the middle sunroof to put in the third row of mine.

While I was looking around, I came across a loose connector, I do know of the existance of it as I've seen it in another Espace, but I didn't think about the loose connector being available on all cars, in this case, a 2.2DT "budget" Espace, shame the multiclaw grab got to it before I could do anything (There would be one to upset my dad if it worked.) I also wondered why anyone chucked it out to begin with, it gets me thinking what a wasteful society we live in, chucking it out because of worn brake pads? I've come to the conclusion its best to keep a car for as long as possible as if its not expensive to fix, just do it, I don't plan to sell my cars, but get maximun use out of them. Perhaps Plinth one someday.

Digressing, the cable is in the manual. Under "telephone equipment (or words to that effect.) There's a 4 wire connector and apparently (but I've never seen it) "FME" connector which might come in handy in the future. To get to it, on UK cars at least, remove the lower drivers side trim, the door sits ontop of it. I wouldn't call it the sill plate, as its just above the sill, 4 screws hold it in, 3 long screws along its length and one short screw at the top. Lift the end nearest the lower seat belt mounting and rotate it out the way, you can then remove it. You'll see right behind the cubby hole (Where in my blog I showed how to fit a parrot hands free kit), theres a load of wires going to the stereo if its in that location. If you feel around infront of the cubby hole, you'll find this connector. It has a switched (red), permanent (yellow), ground (black), radio mute (I think - white), I used scotchloks. Doing this though may make the trim piece hard to put back, so watch out.

Locations, you can put the screen on a suction cup and hope it sucks well, mine doesn't - it falls off, to the windscreen or get a dash plate (which I did - its just out of the way of my vision), or you can get a radio frame, put the display in there which rotates out, if you don't have a satnav computer in there already. Or, you could use a "Brodit Clip" (my next purchase - 2 of them).
Computer mounting. I did mine differently, I took apart the rear drivers side boot trim as someone had done it before, its not hard to remove, 5 screws from memory, one under a grille where the tail gate is, one behind the felt cover, one just above the carpet between the removable felt cover and tailgate and one just below the seatbelt. Also worthy of a mention, remove the seat belt trim screws (2 of them), then lift from the carpet, its not heavy. I put my computer (A VDO Dayton PC5200)  in a small void between the removable felt cover and the wheel arch. This means I can still get to it and change the SD cards. Putting it on the otherside would make the computer hard to find because of the CD changer.

The Antenna... This was the biggest headache for me, why? Its location can be quite crucial. There are a few options but since the area I was looking in had movable windows, it wasn't easy. My dad suggested the rear window which opens a few cms, it so far worked well. I wanted to put it on the lifting tailgate window, but that means fishing the wire through a gland. I might do that on the blue espace.

Remote/speaker/etc.... if you have a colour sat nav device, the speaker isn't usually require as a lot of monitors have it anyway, but I like to have a spare clearer speaker, it even works over the radio noise for the one I chose. The location is upto you but I hid mine on the passenger side of the glove box with one screw. Now you may well need either a very large self tapping screw or a screw bracket to go over the plastic. I found a spare bracket, so I used that. Any 3.5mm speaker will do, but I used one of these (linky ( Basically, anything will do. I chose a CB radio speaker as they are easy to find and cheap, plus they don't sound that bad. You can unplug it and plug your phone/ipod into it if you really want. For those feeling exotic, you can even plug the satnav into the aux port of the radio or hack it altogether and put it in through that telephone connector at the top of the unit.
Remote is again a matter of preference but really, get a bracket. I tried to put mine by the gear stick... what a bad idea. I put it infront and it fell off in a matter of days. So its currently loose in its holder. If you want something again a bit more exoitic, try these (linky ( I got 2 currently, one in the blue espace and one in the Clio and they work really well from the one I tried in the clio. Time to get one for the Siler Espace.
Wiring at the moment, is just 3 wires, I couldn't find any reference to a speedometer wire, reversing wire or headlight wire, this requires more wires and more time to look into. Unless BrianM can shed some light. I need a wiring diagram really.