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Title: 1990 Espace 2.0 Automatic front roll bar
Post by: renaultsan on January 20, 2015, 11:00:37 pm
We noticed our Espace developed a rattle at the front, accompanied by a tendency to slightly erratic course deviations on our lousy Louisiana back roads (if you think you have pot holes, try here)
Getting under , the car ,one of the anti-roll bar chassis mounting rubbers had disintegrated  and the other was not far behind. Calling our old dealer in Birmingham, we found that Renault no longer supply the rubbers! No surprise there  then.
We measured the roll bar diameter and visited our local Autozone and found after market mountings with uprated material that were perfect. The kit of two mountings included the metal strap, the uprated bush and big surprise, it came with a grease fitting and the cost was only $20 for the lot. The car now goes where you put it on the road, pictures posted of the new mountings.
Before anybody starts on about the front shock absorbers, we changed both last year. Bought off e-bay and delivered to our home in Louisiana. You need a special tool to change the shock absorbers (it CANNOT be done with spring compressors) and we made the tool in our workshop from dimensions and photographs from UK.