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Title: 1990 Espace anti-roll bar posts
Post by: renaultsan on April 28, 2015, 08:32:58 pm
Having recently fixed the roll bar chassis mountings (see earlier post) the Espace had another attack of "Murphy" when the bottom mounting between the left front roll bar vertical post came apart, leaving the end of the bar in space . This is a very common fault on the early models as well as the Renault 25 range.
As usual with an old Renault, the parts were not available, particularly here in USA!
Having had the problem before on our 25's (we have 3 of them) it was fixed quickly.
One large machine bushing with two notches cut out to go over raised dimples on the end of the roll bar and a machine collar. The pictures show the end result and no, the rubber bush inside the bottom of the vertical post was not damaged and having done this before we know it works.