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Title: Espace Driveshafts
Post by: markymarkmark on May 04, 2015, 06:17:41 pm
Hi Guys, Hope I'm not breaking any forum rules here.
I have just fitted new driveshafts to one of the 2.2DT Grand Espaces we run.
The offside inner CV joint was knackered and caused the car to vibrate madly between 35-50mph, above which which it settled down.
I found replacement driveshafts at J&R in Brimingham, next day delivery and can't fault them.

The main reason I am telling you about this was the price: ~115 for a pair of brand new driveshafts, complete, delivered.
So cheap I did them both, even though only one had gone.

I have no connection with this firm and I only want to share a good source of spares.