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Title: Wiper bearings in J63
Post by: mhi on May 14, 2015, 11:08:49 pm
Water leaks into the engine compartment of my 1994 Espace RXE (that's a J636) through both wiper bearings. This isn't itself a very dreadful thing, because most of it misses electrical and brake parts, but it is a bit messy. The wiper arms are a bit wobbly, too, but still good enough for the MoT. It looks as if the wiper shafts run in fairly hefty solid sleeves, i.e. they are a plain bearing with no kind of seal, but I don't want to try taking them apart until I know what I'm doing.

Can the wiper arm bearings or bushes be replaced, or do I have to fit a complete wiper mechanism?

Is a used wiper mechanism likely to be just as leaky? Should I be asking my local Renault dealer for a new one, and will they have any for less than the price of a whole new Renault?

(I have not been impressed by the local dealer's parts department. A few years ago the car was breaking a genuine Renault clutch cable every year or less. The service and assistance under parts guarantee was as poor as the cables. Had no problems since I fitted a non-Renault part for 1/5 the price. I don't want to have to go back.)

Title: Re: Wiper bearings in J63
Post by: Tim Hamnett on April 21, 2016, 11:42:16 am
I also have this issue. and it is compromising the wipers a bit. Did you get anywhere with it?

Title: Re: Wiper bearings in J63
Post by: mhi on May 01, 2016, 11:16:39 pm
I found an eBay seller with a used wiper motor and linkage, and asked whether (s)he could sell me just the linkage. Yes, was the answer, 10 including postage. That linkage wasn't much worn, but the problem bearings - the long plain bushes which carry the wiper arm shafts - were dry of any lubricant and their O ring seals to stop water getting in at the top had perished. I separated all the parts, cleaned and greased, and added new O rings. With the wiper linkage on the bench, that was easy - each shaft is held in with a circlip at the top.

Replacing the linkage took a bit longer than I expected, but was fiddly rather than difficult. It's cured the water leaks and reduced vibration in the wiper motion. Altogether a good use for a tenner and a Saturday afternoon.

I think the wear was much worse on one side than the other. I still have the old linkage, and you're welcome to it if you want to try making one good one out of two, or to use it to match up the worn shaft with something from another model.