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Title: Philips Driving Lights DRL 12825WLED
Post by: Anders Dinsen on May 25, 2015, 09:00:09 pm
Just a quick note about installation of a set of Philips DRL's 12825WLED. The LEDs replace the parking lights, so the parking bulbs in the headlights are replaced with resistors that came with the set. The DRL module senses the parking lights and dims the LEDs when they're switched on as the DRLs are too bright for running with.

I have disconnected my driving lights relays, which I fitted years ago, and instead of long-life bulbs, I now have Osram Nightbreakers. I'm sure we'll like that on the night drives to/from Le Mans in about two weeks :-)

I'm not perfectly satisfied with the fitting in front fascia, which I have modified to fit them, so that will be slightly adjusted: They will be aligned to the curved front and mounted some 5 mm lower.

If you're interested in DRL's on the Espace, this set is well recommended. It looks good and works well, I think.