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Title: G9T 2.2 dci - low power
Post by: age9000 on August 03, 2015, 05:59:26 pm
Hi Guys

as you may have seen on my other post that I have put the repair of my other Espace on hold (the one that had snapped valve)
and got myself another , which also has a fault that maybe someone can shed some light on :)

This one starts and drives ok, but is lacking power all of the time
Have now put the clip on it and no faults show

The rail pressure on Idle is around 330
when rev to 3000 rpm it goes up to about 600

I thought it was meant to go up to nearer 1500, and if so I am wondering if that why its a bit lacking in throttle response/power ?

as my other espace is in bits I cant look to see what the pressure was on that one when revved.

can anyone confirm the high pressure value in the rail please ?
might mean I am looking in the right area :)

does not seem to smoke at all apart from a small puff if changing down a gear at speed to go uphill

apart from that its a nice car, only done 130k and had a new engine fitted by Renault at 80k
though probably did not include high pressure pump or turbo

If the rail pressure is ok at about 600 at 3000rpm, any ideas where to look next



Title: Re: G9T 2.2 dci - low power
Post by: renaultsan on August 03, 2015, 09:00:40 pm
It sounds like the fuel rail pressure sensor is on the  blink but the only way to be sure is a proper diagnostic

Title: Re: G9T 2.2 dci - low power
Post by: BrianM on August 04, 2015, 01:55:20 am
Roy had written in your other thread "It should be at least 160 bar to even start up.  At idle it should be near to 300 bar."

I would suspect the turbo control solenoid/ vac control. It is on the right of the bulkhead by the brake master cyl. Give it a tap or replace it from your other one. Check the vac hoses for splits. I assume the brakes are good & the vac pump is working. If the vac & control is all working ok then could be turbo related. suck on the hose. If you can keep sucking then there is a leak you need to find.

Title: Re: G9T 2.2 dci - low power
Post by: age9000 on August 04, 2015, 03:34:05 pm
Cheers Guys

I guess the good thing about having two of them is that I can swop bits over to check :)

what I did just now was unplug the cable to the Airflow meter and although I have not driven it
on the road (no tax) it certainly picks up a lot quicker when revving it

I know that does not necessary mean the airflow meter is faulty but maybe I will swop that from the other car
and see what it does, guess it could also possibly be a temp sensor faulty

anyway looks like it should be a quick easy fix, and hopefully a cheap one :)

I will have to go where the other car is stored and get a few bits and bobs


Title: Re: G9T 2.2 dci - low power
Post by: age9000 on August 07, 2015, 12:19:27 pm
Hi Guys

think its all sorted now :)

I took the airflow meter off and found a piece of foam blocking the central third of the unit !
can only think it must have come from the inlet pipe somewhere

strange that unplugging it made it better even though it had restricted airflow
anyway seems to be 100% more responsive to throttle, though I have not driven
it on the road yet as no insurance yet or tax, so will back later if still a problem
but think it should be sorted, a nice cheap, easy fix for a change

air filter a little bit grubby so have ordered a new one

Guess its always best to check the basics :)