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Title: Strange instrument panel
Post by: leosze on November 07, 2006, 06:25:55 am
Hi.  I am new to this forum. 

I am driving  a Espace 2001.  Last week, when in driving, the small red round indicator in the panel and the whole panel flashed. The distance/average oil usage data  returned to 0.   This happened several times and finally the instrument panel froze with the latest information on it.  I could not use the remote to lock the door and anti-theft could not be active.  However,  I could still start the car again.  Everything was OK just without the frozen panel.

I think this may only due to poor connections to make panel hang. Therefore I tried to disconnect the -ve of the battery and reconnect.  The panel will function for a while and then froze again.  The things repeated. 

I ask the dealer here(only one in HK).  They quickly told me to replace the panel and the computer.  It will cost more than US$2500!   It is not justified :-[   

Need some advice.  Thank you.

Title: Re: Strange instrument panel
Post by: boylinux on January 07, 2007, 10:17:00 am
I had the same problem....

BII (black plastic box) in the fuseboard connected to Instrument Panel, using a CAN databus to chat to each other.

The BII is powered with direct +12vdc and 2 other that are fused, this unit has 2 yellow, 2 blue and 1 black multi connectors. Thay have the lovely task of keep all the simple "bits" of the car connected.

The instrument panel in the vast dashboard has 2 connectors, 1 black (radio) and 1 blue (BII).

I had dodgy central locking, no left turn, heated seat warning light (flashing) , oil warning (service) and when parked left turn flashing all the time (until you removed the fuse). My problem was resolved by replacing the BII @ $$$ and all is well know.

This was after MUCH diagnostics I had proved this was the BII by directly wiring the "bits" together with wiring diagrams from Renault and isolated each fault.

Yes you can start the car without the instrument panel connected - you need the istrument panel to watch your speed and also has the remote receiver located in it.

You can also start the engine with the BII powered up and once running you can remove power from the BII the engine will remain running.

Once the ECU in the engine bay has been authorized from your ign. key and the BII matches the "code" thats the PART job of the BII done.