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Title: Grand Espace (1999) MK3 2.2 dTI - Hard to start due to Air in fuel lines
Post by: jag on June 13, 2016, 11:26:19 am
Hi All,

It's been a while since i have been on this forum, have a problem with my Espace. It seems to take a long time to start, turn over fine. Checked the glow pugs all seem fine. Noticed alot of air in the fule pipe, quite large air bubbles coming from the primer pump. Once it starts it seems ok, but takes about 2-3 attempts before it fires. Have heard stories about the fuel line 'o' rings failing and sucking in air - Any ideas whate tackle first, was going to ramp it up and have a look a the fuel lines visually first before trying to reomove fuel tank, etc. Ha anyone had experience of thsi fault ??? Cheers Jag

Title: Re: Grand Espace (1999) MK3 2.2 dTI - Hard to start due to Air in fuel lines
Post by: Tim Hamnett on June 13, 2016, 11:32:43 am
I had exactly the same issue a few days ago with my earlier (1993 ) TD espace.
One of the bleed off pipes from the injectors had come loose and was allowing air to suck in.
I have no experience of the later TDI engines but its a simple place to start.

Title: Re: Grand Espace (1999) MK3 2.2 dTI - Hard to start due to Air in fuel lines
Post by: jag on June 28, 2016, 05:50:17 pm
 :D  Sorted problem yesterday, fault was with the fuel sender unit. The plastic fuel flow pipe sticking out from the top of the sender unit had a hairline crack and was the culprit. Now my Espace starts first time as always. If any one is interested i went to a place in Wednesfield in Wolverhampton called 'Bust Renaults' (Tel 01902 634786). The chap who owns this place is called Steve. He was brilliant, went thru with me with what i had to do to carry out the job. I also brought a spare primer bulb off him in case that was faulty too. But he was very reasonable with the prices. 20 for a complete sender unit and 10 for the bulb complete with pipework. If any one needs spared for their cars please give him a ring, he gets people coming to him for spares from as far as London. I was telling him i've got to get myself a donor car, just extending my rear garage at the mo to make room for some espace spares for the future. But if i see a grand espace in my colour (red) at the right price i will get it anyway.  Feeling very happy that my Espace is back in action, especially the wife who uses it to get to work.  The only thing i struggled a bit was with the large plastic locking ring securing the sender unit. I could have done with 3 legged socket spanner, but i just used a blunt screwdriver and hammer to prise it loose. As i had got a spare ring with the replacement sender unit.