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Title: Flooded Espace, Louisiana
Post by: renaultsan on December 21, 2016, 12:18:37 am
Although our Espace went under water to within 150mm of the top of the NEW widscreen we fitted, we are restoring it. The engine and box were drained, the plugs removed and the engine turned over on the starter. The fuel tank has yet to be drained and both computers  (our Espace 1990 has an MJ3 automatic) are about to be dispatched to Autotek in UK for overhaul. The electrics generally will need a complete check over but the basic interior of the car dryed out nicely.
What we do need is a pair of front door cards, the originalfront right was already in bad nick before the flood. We  thought we had sourced a pair from a guy in France before we got flooded but they never materialised, no answer to e-mails after first contact.
So if anybody has or can lay their hands on a pair of front door cards for a J116 please contact, shipping will not be a problem