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Title: 24v - a new throttle cable
Post by: Anders Dinsen on July 27, 2019, 10:50:04 am
One of my smaller summer projects was replacing the throttle cable on the 24v. The cable was sticking more and more. I fixed it temporarily by straightening it out, but it wasn't good. However, a new cable assembly wasn't available from Matra/Renault, so I had to make one myself.

This shows the broken old outer cable: (The inner cable was still fine.)
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New cable installed. Rubber parts moved over from the old cable. I've chosen to route it above the engine air intake instead of through it as I think that's better. The original cable path passes through a lot of air, moisture, and dirt, and the bend is tighter.

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This shows the pedal with the new cable attached:

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I bought the parts from Car Builder Solutions in the UK:

The parts I got was the 1.2 m cable THCAB12, the cable shackle SHACKLE, and a cable nipple SLNIP. The cable fit perfectly in lenght. Fitting the nipple in the throttle body requires three hands. Make sure there's no cable sticking out of the nipple, or it won't slide in. Yes, I struggled with that :)

Adjustment is simple: Remove the circlip visible in the picture below and push the adjustment mechanism in and out until the cable is lightly tensioned. Then have someone press the pedal all the way down, incluiding the kick down swich. Ensure the throttle opens all the way, but the wire isn't overtensioned.

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Edited as I realized I had not included a picture showing the adjustment clip