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Title: Matra Passion
Post by: V46 on August 08, 2020, 06:42:07 pm
Matra built 10,680 Murenas  , 1.6  ,2.2 & 2.2 S .
Most of them must have been sold in France . Or have I got that wrong ?
Our Murena spares come mostly  from Germany , Holland or the U.K.

In the Forum and in the excellent club magazine there never seems to be any contact or input from French Murena owners or Specialists .
Why is this ?
Surely there must be an huge untapped source of French expertise and Murena specialists ?

We've had a small place in France for 20 years and provided  one makes an effort with passable Franglais they quite like us Roastbiffs !

Title: Re: Matra Passion
Post by: suffolkpete on August 08, 2020, 07:08:34 pm
I think France bought mostly 1.6s due to the motor taxation policies at the time.  A lot of 2.2s went to Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Poitecnic are a French supplier of some Matra parts.  You can find a more complete list of parts suppliers by visiting the contacts page of the Matra Enthusiasts' Club UK website