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Title: A log of some pertinent posts on the Murena maintenance, mods. & repairs
Post by: roy4matra on January 08, 2021, 11:22:06 am
This "sticky" post has been created to log a selection of my posts about the Murena maintenance, repairs & modifications, so you can find them quickly if needed, and I may add links to others that may be old but also still relevant and useful.

Incorrectly rebuilt 2.2 engines:,3395.msg25307.html#msg25307

A better 2.2 cooling system:,3095.msg23121.html#msg23121

2.2 Water pump with incorrect impeller:,3091.msg23087.html#msg23087

Murena (and Bagheera) rear brakes:,3387.msg25200.html#msg25200

New Piper 2.2 camshaft:,3042.msg22818.html#msg22818

Murena 2.2 high fifth gear:,1483.msg11286.html#msg11286

Please, if there are things you wish to know about the Murena or the parts for it, even if one of my topics has not covered what you want to know, there are many postings on this forum and most subjects have probably been covered already, so PLEASE, PLEASE, use the search facility first, rather than ask the same things again and again. You will find it is very quick and will probably bring up a number of postings about what you are wanting to know, as there are many others here that know the Murena well. Thank you.