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Title: Clip V64 gives installation error
Post by: MarkN on December 19, 2006, 10:50:50 pm

In my quest to read faultcodes of my '97 Espace (no OBD), I've managed to get hold of an original Renault CLIP CD V64.3. Quite new, apperently.  :)
Installing it on both my P4 WinXP PC and an old w98 Toshiba Satellite laptop (with USB) results in an error message which in a log file on C:\ says "Software Security: The plat-form isn't recognized."  :-[
On screen my XP PC shows the the second line of this text.
On the screen of Win98 Toshiba it says 'Your Clip station is not or badly configured. You must run the Clip Tools 1.0 CD'. Of course I don't have that CD... :'(

After that the installation is aborted.  >:(

I've tried to extract the data cab files but they're bot MS but Installshield format which no tool I could find and tried so far can read nor extract.  ???

Anybody any idea on how to bypass this protection?