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Title: interior Fan
Post by: Abe on July 26, 2004, 05:20:58 pm
Dear experts, and all others :-\

Summer's finally here, and yes, my fan broke down, so it's getting hot inside. how do i find a replacement quick?.. are there any known types of cars with the same fan?..



Title: Re:interior Fan
Post by: Matra_Hans on July 28, 2004, 08:56:41 am
The original Murena fan for the cabin heater is a piece of shit from "the American Plastic Company in Texas".
I have replaced my fan with a fan from an old Toyota Starlet (1984 I guess). This fan is in any way much better, bigger capacity and almost no noise. As the fan is hidden no one knows that I have installed a Toyota part in my Matra.  (I am actually also using a Toyota non-return valve in the vacuum system.)
The installation of the fan requires no cutting or any other modification of the Murena, and also the electric system fits with any modifications except for an adapter for the electric plug on the fan.
The Starlet fan was an integrated part of the Starlet’s heater/ventilation system but I just cut away anything but the fan with an angel grinder and was left with a fan of the same size and shape (but "mirrored") as the original Murena fan.
I know that another Danish Murena is using a fan from a Toyota Hi-Ace.

So off you go to your nearest car breaker

regards Hans

Title: Re:interior Fan
Post by: Abe on March 27, 2005, 11:13:14 pm

Thanks, i've managed to get through the dutch summer (which was quite hot), but last winter my fanswitch broke down, on top of that i discovered that the cables of the valves in the system are stuck, so i will have to dismantle the dashboard to get everything back in working order.
The Starlet Fan is a nice option, since my first car was a starlet, and the fan is noiseless compared to the standard Murena item.
Since i'm working on a complete upgrade of my car i'll slip in a Toyota fan to replace the ( rather expensive, and VERY noisy ) matra item..
By the way, don't feel bad about putting Toyota parts in a Matra, My Ducati motorbike has FORD, and even VOLVO components  :-X :-X :-\