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Title: Wipers and washer (JE)
Post by: TheJoker on January 21, 2007, 11:46:01 am

I know we've talked about the wipers and the washers before. When my car was fixed, the whole windscreen washing assembly had to come out. And now I'm feeling a bit paranoid. I seem to remember that before, the washers were putting water "in front" of the wipers (on the up-motion), but now the water is squirted behind the blades....  ??? ::) I looked at the system, and I don't think I can change where the water's squirted. But still the hose looks like it's been mounted differently in the past...

... Can someone shed some light on how this should be...?! Thanks!  8)

Title: Re: Wipers and washer (JE)
Post by: Martin Tyas on January 21, 2007, 01:12:20 pm
The washers put down water after the blade so yours is correct.... and you are right.... you cannot change it to squirt the water in front.............. unless you get a dodgy wiper blade (maybe for a left hand drive vehicle?) as I did once!!!

The hoses should run along the lower edge of the thick part of the wiper arms (where the springs are located) and then behind (windscreen side) the thin part of the arm until they connect to the nozzles.

My guess is that the plastic hose retainers have simply been put back on to the wiper arm in a slightly different position so it looks different to how it was originally.

If you want a photo of the hose-run and clip locations just ask.


Title: Re: Wipers and washer (JE)
Post by: TheJoker on January 22, 2007, 01:13:09 am
Oh, thanks for that Martin! I must go to the shrink and get my nugget checked... :)

Well, all is OK in that department then! Thanks a lot!

Bonding, Phase II is starting!

(Took the panels off on the dash, more about that later, and gave her a good wash.. :) )