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Title: Lower front suspension beam
Post by: sakarlsson on February 26, 2007, 11:54:03 pm

I need to make som reconstructive surgery (no surprise) on the the mounting
points for the lower front suspension beam - that is the beam which holds the
lower A-arms.   The mounting points however are totally rotted and to the degree
that I their original possition is very hard to guess.  And it is not only the rust
but as the detoriated points have also lost their strength they have also been
deformed by several cm.   In fact the whole beam just dropped to the ground
when I unbolted the rest of the suspension  :o

Now, I'm wondering if somone with an intact Bag (do they exist?  ;) ) can help me
to determine the correct possition of the beam so I can weld up new points.
I have attached a picture which indicates two meassures that I'm intressted

     A.  This is the up-down possition. I guess that the meassure A from the upper
          beam mounting plane to the lower beam mounting plane should be a good
          and easy one. 

     B.  This is the front-back possition of the beam.  This possition I'm not sure
          how to  easilly meassure. I idicated a line B on the beam that is easy to get to,
          but I'm not sure  to which other point to make a meassure.  Any ideas
          or usefull meassures are wellcome.


Anders Karlsson

Title: Re: Lower front suspension beam
Post by: Matra_Hans on March 03, 2007, 07:37:06 pm
I got a complete Bagheera in parts free of charge a couple of years ago and the chassis is in very good condition. Therefore I could try to make some measurements for you
However I think that you should consider your repair once more.  At least in Denmark you will never get the car approved at the road worthiness inspection (MoT) if you have made a repair in that part of the chassis so close to the fixation of the front suspension. You will have to replace the complete front part of the chassis. Simon Auto does have the parts in his catalogue but if he has the parts in the store is of cause another story.

regards Hans

Title: Re: Lower front suspension beam
Post by: sakarlsson on March 03, 2007, 10:20:14 pm
Hi Hans!

Thanks for the advice. The whole project is rather budget oriented and the
chassis is already frankenstein welded allover in some earlier lifes.  At least one
"dreaded previous owner" albeit not a welding virtous is anyway to thank for
the fact that car is still allive - or allmost anyway.

Fortunanately in Sweden the MoT has no problem with welds, of course they will
scrutinize them, but as long as they are not made up of overpainted frozen wet newspapper (yep some have tried that) they will say nothing.  I'd like to mention that I live in Gothenburg.
Gothenburg you ask? Yes, Gothenburg, because it may very well be the city with the most salt
on the roads in the world. Ask me about the implications of that. It has forced me down
under a bunch of  Volvo 240s and other rust monsters over the years.   

Still, my ambition with the Bag is to weld it up very in a very serious way. I have a rather
well equipped shop so when ever possible I do manufacture the parts and panels myself.
The car is since long beyond the point where it make sense to repair it into "exactly as
original" anyway.  I acyually enjoy a car in such a state, it puts litle strain on how to
proceed, I feel free to improve and redesign a bit without ruining a nice "original".

  -- Anders


Title: Re: Lower front suspension beam
Post by: Matra_Hans on March 22, 2007, 10:17:02 pm
I have taken the measurements on an extra frontchassis part that I have in my store. Please note that the chassis part is placed upside down on my workshop table.
Height: As the top and bottom are not parallel I have placed an angel at the bottom part. The distance as measured is 26.3 cm
In the other direction the distances are as follows measured from centre tot centre to the first bolt 10.5 cm to the second bolt 19.75 cm.
Good luck with your restauration.

Regards Hans

Title: Re: Lower front suspension beam
Post by: Matra_Hans on March 22, 2007, 10:18:41 pm
...and here is the second pic.

Title: Re: Lower front suspension beam
Post by: sakarlsson on March 22, 2007, 11:23:24 pm
Brilliant Hans!

I thank you very much, and very good timing. Yesterday I tilted the Bag to the side
and just 30 min ago I had the grider take a first bite. 

I had new U-beams made for me to today in a close by sheet metal shop and
I will start to weld those in possition tomorrow.

  -- Anders