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Title: Road Wheels
Post by: Martin Tyas on May 01, 2007, 04:06:13 pm
Does anyone happen have any info regarding the inset and PCD's of the road wheels from a JE compared to a current model Espace by any chance?

The alloys on my Espace are flaking and oxidising on the insides (I know they are getting worse because a set of stick-on balance weights came off the inside of one of the rear wheels as I washed it over the weekend!!) and I have been looking for one or more spares so that I would be able to switch them around whilst I had the originals reburbished one or more at a time. But whilst browsing on Ebay I found a set of 4 brand new 7J x 17's from the latest model Espace.

I know that my Espace is equipped with 215/55 x R16's and the latest model would normally have 225/55 R17's fitted on the 7J x 17's but I was wondering about fitting 235/45 R17 in order to match almost exactly the same rolling circumference and therefore not screw up the ratios.... but it would be dependent upon whether the PCD's are the same and how far adrift, if anything, is the inset to avoid fouling on full steering lock.