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Title: New member to this forum
Post by: Stig on May 07, 2007, 09:16:36 pm
Hi Bagheera friends,

I just found out that I have missed joining this forum but now I am finally here.

My name is Stig and I live in the middle of nowhere outside Arvika Sweden. If you look at Spyros excellent map  (at the Bagheera Café) there is a pin showing my location.

Currently I have 3 series 1 Bagheeras 1 1974 which will take its test within a few weeks 1 1975 which has been verified to be an early Courrége but is in very bad condition and 1 1976 which except for the interior is in fairly good shape.
I also have lots of parts from another series 1 including most of the GRP panels.

Appart from these I have just bought two more Bagheeras which means that I have to build a better storage for all of them this summer.

Best regards to all of you!


Title: Re: New member to this forum
Post by: Lennart Sorth on May 08, 2007, 12:31:54 am
Hi Stig - and a very warm welcome to you.

I must express my respect, that you restore and maintain Baggies in the Swedish climate - "I bend my hat" as a very old danish stand up comedian used to say :-)

what is an "early Courrége" ? - I thought there was ever only one type ?

A shame it is in a bad shape - do you think it is beyond restoration ?


Title: Re: New member to this forum
Post by: Stig on May 08, 2007, 11:32:16 am
Hi Lennart,

We discussed the Courrége on the Bagheera Café and the guys there say that it is very early.
The first Courrége were apparently built using 1974 shells. Small details differ like the box in front of the gearlever which is short on mine and the ventilation opening in the left hand C pillar above the engine which is facing the passenger compartment. I think it had the 1290 cc engine also but I am not absolutely shure.

If it had been an ordinary 1975 Bagheera I would say that it is beyond restoration but considering the very limited number of Courrége cars left I will definately give it a go. Question is of course how much there will be left of the original car when finished but that is the same with any restoration.

I think that I have most of the important pieces but I am lacking minor details like the top rail on one of the inner door panels. Right hand side seat belt, chrome windshield surround etc.

Aiemac at the Baghhera Café says that he has sources for the gold and white vinyl for the interior and also a carpet material of the correct colour.

It may not be a hopeless task after all.

Best regards,


Title: Re: New member to this forum
Post by: Spyros on May 15, 2007, 09:20:27 am
Also consider that the Courrège where built in such limited numbers that for that model, most of the specific spare parts still exist new. Not the same as for the other models. I was very surprise to see that.

There was actually 3 models of Courrèges :
- the year model 1975 with a 1290 cc engine and lots of specific details
- the year model 1976, pretty much the same body ( not exactly) but a 1440 cc engine and various changes here and there
- the year model 1977 which is the serie 2 Courrèges

The 2 first ones, as série 1 Courrèges are now ( in perfect condition) the most valuable road Matras. We can say higger value than a perfect condition Murena S