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Title: Djet sold
Post by: Jensby on January 07, 2008, 09:16:42 pm
Hello Guys

Just want you to know that I have sold my Matra Djet V

Main reason is that I have bought a TVR Grantura MK II together with a friend instead.
Lack of time and means have meant that I have not worked on the Djet since Copenhagen Classic Grand Prix in August 2006. The "Granny" came for sale at cheap money and almost race ready so we bought it unseen in Stockholm and it looks to be a bargain. With two man sharing workload and costs its much more likely we will hit the tracks in the Granny than myself in the Djet.

The new owner is a Danish enthusiast so I have no doubt that we will see the Djet on the road and tracks in the future. He has wanted to buy the car from me from day one so he is the right owner.

I know its not midengined French engineering at best, but English tradition - but at least they both have tubular frames with fibreglass bodies and weighing in at 680kg and a 1600 MG engine in the front the Granny is not going to be slow

All the best with your Matras

Kind regards

Erik Jensby

Title: Re: Djet sold
Post by: Anders Dinsen on January 08, 2008, 09:38:55 pm
Congrats, Erik, with the sale and the TVR. I'm really glad you found a good owner!

When will you be on the tracks with the TVR?

- Anders

Title: Re: Djet sold
Post by: Lennart Sorth on January 09, 2008, 07:16:03 pm
Hi Erik

Sorry to see your Djet go, but happy to know it at stays in the country.
I have already heard from from the new owner, and I wish him all the best luck at beating you in you TVR ! :-)

Don't worry about being Matra-less, - who knows, some day you  will need an Espace to ferry the family around and to pull the TVR on its trailer to the events.

And frankly, TVR's are also very charismatic, special and refreshingly wild.

I love TVR's explanation why even their modern cars haven't got ABS, Traction Control, ESP or airbags... :   "well, just don't crash then" :-)


Title: Re: Djet sold
Post by: Jensby on January 09, 2008, 10:02:43 pm
To Anders: We are working on the Granny and all going well we should be ready to the season start at Knutstorp in May. We hope to race all 6 races in the championship, which this year includes Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix first weekend of August. Who will be driving at what circuits is not known yet, but the program this year is great with races at Knutstorp, Sturup, Copenhagen, Jylland ringen, Padborg Park and Ring Djursland ;D simply could not be better.

Lennart: Yep TVR is a great make as well, classic English meaning using the part bins from other suppliers and going bankrupt numerous times  ::)

That they managed to fit a V8 into the Granny goes to show how crazy they were and still are

Best regards