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Title: Black smoke when accelerating
Post by: s_andersen on August 01, 2005, 11:51:51 pm

I have had a Espace 2,1 TD from the early 90'ies for about a year now - I recently noticed that when I accelerate - the smoke is black - which is not good, do anyone got an idea how *bad* this could be?

Title: Re:Black smoke when accelerating
Post by: Lennart Sorth on August 02, 2005, 09:19:15 pm
turbo-diesels are expected to send a plume of smoke out when accellerating. Its a product of force-feeding more than can
really be consumed until the engine picks up a little speed.

If the smoke doesen't diminish/disappear after a few seconds, however, then you may need some adjustment or repair.


Title: Re:Black smoke when accelerating
Post by: DOJO on August 02, 2005, 10:15:48 pm
Hi,i,ve just joined the forum and have recieved help straight away,so now maybe i can help you.
I also own a turbo diesel espace which i bought as a non runner (head gasket)after repairs were finished it too suffered from black smoke on even light accelleration,and took quite a while to dissapear.
i first used a top brand diesel fuel system cleaner (Forte)and that cut down the smoke massively ,and the engine ran much sweeter.
Secondly i checked the emmision levels on a smoke meter in a friends M.O.T centre and although it passed it was only just below the limit,so i increased the tension on the boost enrichment diaphram by just 3 teeth(this is the toothed wheel under the aluminium housing on the top of the pump(4 screws secure it but it can be adjusted by removing the air vent plug on the rear of the housing ,it has a rubber cover, pull this off and you can remove it with a 17mm spanner,use small screwdriver to turn wheel anti clockwise by levering teeth and count three clicks)this was enough for me to keep the performance but cut down smoke quite a bit.
If i can help anymore please let me know Ta Al.

Title: Re:Black smoke when accelerating
Post by: s_andersen on August 03, 2005, 10:55:52 pm
Thanks for the replies - I am little bit comforted now for that part - the smoke quickly disappers - but I will try the fuel system cleaner anyway.

I actually got the head gasket replaced last year as well - because of disappering cooleant. The cooleant stays now - but oil is leaking  from the upper part of the engine - so I do fear as exually expensive repair -as the replacenment of the head gasket.