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Author Topic: Rear Tailgate supports  (Read 2486 times)
Tricky Dicky
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« on: July 26, 2008, 03:23:18 pm »

Sods Law.
Mot Day today went out to Matra and tried to get into the boot? boot didn't do its usual and spring up I had to lift it and when lifted just dropped. All on MOT day as well.
So I need to scource some tailgate shocks anyone where I can get them from or an alternate make of car that I can get from a local scrappy.
I am sure you are all wondering how the MOT went all went well I passed with 2 advisories nothing serious will be sorted out at garage. However we did the brake test I switched off the engine and the curse of the mysterious non starting happened again.
So I have had to leave it at the MOT station with a starting problem. As before you leave it and the car starts later.
All the electrics work except for the heater which tells me it is electrical. It is not the fuse I have checked.? Maybe it will start on Monday.
Shame really as I was hoping to take the Matra to show at Silverstone this weekend at the Classic Grand Prix weekend. Along no doubt with all the other Matra's
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« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2008, 06:20:42 pm »

My struts are replaced by Fiat Tipo gasstruts.
They have to be very warned out, because from new they are 270N force, and that is to much for glas (needs 210N), it will break if tension is to high.
Control it on a weight scale.
They are a bit short, so I put 4cm  M6 bushes on it.
Because I have a Ferarri Tail the power doesn't matter much, so I put new ones on.
Don't keep youre head above it, it's a knock out Grin

The plastic fits ok, and the the other end you can screw it in the old plastic.
If you don't like the brons bushes you can paint them or put some cable shrink plastic on them.
Here a experiment with 2 bushes.
8 cm was to much.

I don't know how the windowheater is sorted out in a Tipo, but for me it was not important.
New struts were €20+€10 shipping on E-bay.
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