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Author Topic: Dan's 1.6 repairs  (Read 6947 times)
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OK let's talk wheels again. I am currently running winter tires on steel 14" fiat wheels and although nice I'm constantly on the look out for something new.

It's not the wheels that you need to look at first, it's the available tyres.

If you intend putting bigger wheels and tyres on the car, you need to do two things actually.  First is to see what tyre sizes are easily available, and how they suit the car from the point of view of keeping the ride height front to rear, correct.  Then you can choose the wheels which will be easier.

I did suggest using 15" front and 16" rear as one possible option, but it was some time ago and without checking if suitable tyres would be available at the time, and since it was a while ago, and tyres change all the time, what would have applied then might not be available now anyway.  The fact is 16" front wheels are really too big for the Murena and 195 width tyres on the front made the car worse the one time I drove someone else's car with those on it.  The front of the Murena is so light relatively that it really doesn't need bigger tyres and therefore wheels.

Whilst the rear can easily take 15" or 16" wheels, there are a limited number or no 215 width tyres available depending on aspect ratio, so that means choosing either 205 or 225 widths and then you have problems matching the ride heights front to rear.

We're a couple of years later now and I was wondering if I should indeed try and get wheels that mat h that set up because that might be ideal?

As I said you must check what tyres are available first, and not the wheels, and then whether the tyres that would keep the ride heights correct are actually available.  This is more complex than just picking some nice looking wheels!  For the power output of a 1.6 especially, the Murena doesn't really need any bigger wheels and tyres.

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A good mail order place to start when looking for tyres. Used them often as I have a friendly tyre fitter locally.

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