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Author Topic: Spare wires  (Read 2898 times)
« on: July 12, 2009, 01:25:14 pm »

Hi guys,

Having fixed my heater issues ive managed to tidy up all the wires and heater cables but I have one final question, at some point a previous owner has split some of the wires and I seem to two extra wires that have no home, so they are left dangling behind the dash.. I am guessing but I think it maybe from the original stereo or maybe something else, any way as a result I have 1 x red wire and 1 x green wire free, exactly what does these colour represent?

Oh and one final check, on my fans switch there were 4 wires attached, red top centre, yellow centre left, orange centre right, silver silver bottom right and nothing attached to the bottom left spade.. Is that what you all have, it all works fine but i'd like to check.

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