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Author Topic: Lucky with headlights!  (Read 3686 times)
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« on: August 14, 2009, 12:06:41 am »

Just the other day I was with some friends at "Roger i Dalum", outside of
the Swedish small town of Ulricehamn.   Roger is car scrapper, but is now retired.
Retired or not, he still continues to sell out his pieces from cars of the 70's and 80's, buys
some parts from shut down shops, and continues to be  a regular at swap meets
and other car parts markets. 

I had no particular reason to dig into his piles  because I had already asked
him before if he had ever scrapped a Bagheera, and the answer was no.

Anyway, as it happens, my Bagheera is in desperate need of new headlights. So I thought
that maybe I can find some lookalikes, or something - just to be be fitted temporarily.
I asked the other guys to look for any square looking headlight, about the size of a hand.

Now, I just like to share my findings, it may be common knowledge, but I was
to be really surprised.

After staring at, and dismissing, quite a few rectangular headlights (as you know,
Volvo have had a long squarish period), I suddenly was holding in my hands
something that struck a tone. I thought, these look like a pretty good match.  I asked
Roger from what kind of car it was. Fortunately Roger has an impressive car parts memory, and
can often tell rather accurately what kind of car a certain relic is from. 

In this case he could only tell that the lights were from a Renault.  But I went thinking,
French car + Square lights = worth a chance.   12 € later got them  with me back
to Göteborg.  Well at home, I immediately compared them to my Bagheera ones.

I was very pleased to find that it was not a close match, they were identical in shape!
The only difference is that the Bagheera three point mounting screws are not compatible,
but I should be able fix that.

My question is, what Renault model do think it is?  My guess is Renault 12?


  -- Anders
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« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2009, 08:45:20 am »

Yes, Renault 12.

Renault Owner's Clubs can usually advise where they can be purchased.
I bought a set of R12 "Right hand drive" headlights from a seller at a classic car show at Beaulieu in Southern England some years ago. They are now in use in Baggy Joe. Spares for right hand drive Renault 12s are VERY rare.

As you found the mountings are slightly different but they are not too hard to modify.

Well done!


Back in business for fun!
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