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Author Topic: Administration expenses in countries?  (Read 3801 times)
YaBB God
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« on: January 10, 2011, 09:42:45 am »

Hello guys, after reading some messages about driving taxes, insurance, registration fees, etc. I would like to open discussion about this. So please write your expenses of having Murena in your countries into this topic.

I will start - there are 2 possibilities after importing a Murena:
1) registrate it as normal car (white plate with black numbers). You need only invoice and if you don't have original registration papers, there must be EU homologation code on the car - it is the AB/E 0000 code on the alluminium plate, where also is a VIN number and weights. Than you have to pass technical and emision control (but in specifications which were in the year when it was produced, so no problem with car without catalysator, lambda system, etc.) - it will costs cca 140,-Eur. Than you can finish the registration and observe Czech registration papers and plates - for next 40,-Eur. You have to pass technical control every 2 years, for 60,-Eur. Insurance for 2,2 engine is cca 200,-Eur (depense on insurance company).
2) registrate it as oldtimer/youngimer (white plate with green numbers), now the limit for this is that the car was made before 1.1.1986. You need only invoice for it, than you have to pass Club control and than Higher Club control and than you could go for plates and papers - this all costs 200,-Eur, but insurance is 1/12 of ordinary payment, it means that when in first case you pay 200,-Eur, in this case you pay only 20,-Eur per year and there is another advantage, that in case of damaging the car by somebody else, his insurance have to pay all factures till last cent, and mustn't calculate amortization (like they do with normal cars). You don't have to pass technical controls, only Club controls every year - it costs 10,-Eur.

So finally my total expenses for Murena are 30,-Eur/year.
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YaBB God
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« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2011, 01:24:37 pm »

In short for the Netherlands.

Importing a car with paperwork from a European country except UK will cost around  €160.- for paperwork and technical control (MOT).
The car has to be more then 25 years old and then it is oldtimer.
When you have the right papers from the foreign country, (For example V5 for UK) ,you even don't have to make  a appointment, and the job is done in a few hours incl. paperwork.
From UK you first have to change the lights to left hand drive, and from not European country's you need to bring the car in European specifications.

If the car is younger then 25 years, you have to pay BPM, (a special tax not known in any other country then the Netherlands).
I am not gonna eplain this tax in detail, because it is complex, and make cars a lot more expencive (around 30% of the newprice) then in other Euro country's.
If the car is more then 10 years old till 25 years, you only have to pay tax for 10 procent of this amount if you import.
Because of Euopean rules this tax will be gone in jan. 2013.

If the car is over 25 years old the only thing needed is insurance.
That and MOT every year are the only expences. (NB: when the car is 30 years old once every 2 years and if the car is older then 40 years MOT is no longer needed).
A new rule is that cars produced after 31 december 1986 wil no longer be old-timer.

I can insure the car for around €80-100.- but then in case of accident it is end of story for the car.
If you want all risk insurance it will cost around €300.- a year and some money to get the value of the car on a official document.

There is no need to buy a Murena out of the Netherlands.
There are plenty for sale over here, and condition of them are in most cases far better then a import, at least the engines are far better because of low speed limit.

My Murena cost me this year MOT €40.- and insurance no mile limit €100.- so a total of €140.-
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YaBB God
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« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2011, 01:54:37 pm »

Thank You, it's interesting!

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