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Author Topic: Terrible metal scratching noise  (Read 2239 times)
José V. Gavilá
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1999 Espace 3.0 V6 24V

« on: April 24, 2012, 08:46:27 am »

Hi all,

After some nice motoring months with my Espace, today, when arriving to work, I have opened the window while still at slow movement, and have heard an strong metal scratching noise. It was so loud that I have thought someone was drilling metal Shocked !. But then, when entering the parking, I have noticed that the noise was following me  Sad ... Even driving very slowly, the noise was very strong.

I have opened the bonnet, as I was even suspecting of an automatic  transmission problem (yes, it was that bad!) but, luckily, it seems OK. I am thinking along the line of a brake problem, as I recall some time ago a mechanic told me that rear discs were about to expire...

After just about 5 minutes, a work colleage has arrived and I have tried to reproduce the noise by driving in the parking, but it has refused to appear... I have heard some lighter screeching noise from a rear brake, which I think it is telling me that some pad is asking for replacement  Huh... perhaps this is all that has happened, but I would like to have your confirmation (if this strong scratching noise I have heard could be due to that), as I need to drive about 20km to my Renault garage (yes, I won't try to do the work by myself as I have lots of other work to do and just have no time!)

Thanks for your help.


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La Canyada (Valencia)

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« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2012, 12:21:50 pm »

Hi, sounds like brake pad or disc problem, or possible wheel bearing. noise probably changed after things cooled down.  Take the wheel off and there should be some more clues evident. Smiley
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