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Author Topic: Strong petrol odour when parked  (Read 2551 times)
José V. Gavilá
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1999 Espace 3.0 V6 24V

« on: January 30, 2013, 08:36:57 pm »

Hi all,

It seems my '99 3.0 V6 Espace is reclaiming some attention...

About a year ago, it was increassingly difficult to start the engine and there was an strong odour coming from the tank area. It was traced to a broken pipe on the fuel pump and the pump was replaced by a new one. Then the car started fine and all was OK for just about three months, when a different problem evolved: now the car started flawlessly but then, after about 30 seconds to a couple minutes, it hesitated as if there was no petrol on some cylinders. After a while (10-20 seconds) engine run fine and you could travel 200km without a glitch. But then, if you stopped the car and restarted after more than about 20 minutes, the problem repeated. So it was not a matter of cold or hot engine.

Back on December 2012, having had that problem for some months, one day the car abruptly stalled. I restarted it but it died after about 500m later and didn't restart. Finally, I called the towing service and car was towed to the local Renault shop. They found a leaking fuel connection and replaced a gasket (with a used one  Huh). I got back the car but that hesitation problem was still there. But, as engine started fine, I used the car for a month or so, to try to find the exact cause of the problem. As I didn't find anything else than the repetitive problem, I was going to take back the car and appointed it with the shop for the 23rd January 2013. But on that same trip (just 3km or so!), car stopped and needed again to be towed  Angry Angry

So the Espace arrived to Renault and didn't start (they tried...). So I left it there. Some days later, I went to the shop and they told me that, once they removed a fuel connection to see if there was petrol on the circuit, and found that there was, car started and didn't fail again!. They had replaced the fuel filter (it was overdue) and also have checked the petrol pump connections and hoses. I left the car some days more but they didn't find any problem. So today I have got back the car (another 50 EUR spent  Angry ). I have filled the tank and parked it outside my home.

But my wife, who has arrived some hours after I have parked it, has told me that the car smelled a lot... and, yes, it does!!!. I have started the engine and, this time, there has been no hesitation. But the car smells, again around the tank area.

I think there is some small puncture or leak somewhere. But, alas, they don't find it and I have no way to get below the car to check!

So, summing up, first problem was a broken pipe which generated difficult starts. Now it starts perfectly but hesitates after a while. And it smells a lot. And, eventually, stalls (two times on last two months). What would you check?

I am afraid that, after a cold night, car starts and then leaves me stranded again :-(. I am fed up of being towed  Undecided !!!

Please, help!!!



La Canyada (Valencia)

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« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2013, 01:02:20 am »

If it does not start I would put one ear under the car to hear if the pump runs for several seconds when the ignition is turned on. Have you checked the accident switch that turns the pump off if you crash? You could crack the fuel line open to see if you have fuel pressure or not. It could be related to a poor temperature sender not giving the correct reading to the ecu. Many things to check, all can be done with a 'clip' interface & your laptop! but not cheap! The software can record while you drive & may show if you have low fuel pressure when the car is faulty.
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