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Author Topic: Importing from Holland to UK  (Read 21011 times)
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« on: September 14, 2015, 02:21:41 pm »

I think I have found a Matra to import to the UK but need some help particularly from any one living in the UK who has imported a car from Holland or any Dutch persons who have exported one.

The car is obviously over 10 years old so no customs issue.
The seller is a private Dutch resident (not a garage) and  I am a private UK resident..
I intend to drive back to the UK arriving in the UK early in the morning with a Pre booked MOT for later in the day I live 1KM from my MOT station.
I understand the basics of the  NOVA docs ( UK import docs) and know the key part is to get a clear receipt with VIN details and full details of the previous owners. Then make sure it is all sent off ASAP.

The parts I am concerned with are the export docs which apparently need to be filled in at the local post office with both the seller and buyer being present with car documents and passport / driving licence for the buyer.
   1. What documents are required from the seller?
   2. What documents are required from the buyer?
   3. What forms do I ask for ?
   4. What is the cost for the forms ?
   5. What  days ( Saturday ??) , times of the day can this be done ?
   6. Is it at the post office?
On a lot of the forums it mentions you can also buy in insurance in the same package, how does this work and how much is it? At worst case I need 2 days insurance and 1 of those days would need to cover me driving in the UK.

I have used the search but have found that the rules and regulation change like the wind so wanted to make sure I was up to date as I intend to sort this out in the next 2 weeks.
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« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2015, 06:49:10 pm »

I have never done this, but this is what i read from the RDW website.  (RDW = dutch DVLA)
Link below is the procedure in dutch. Use google translate.

Export from the Netherlands:
You or seller has to go to RDW agency (=dutch DLVA) Not to a postoffice!
No need to make appointment. Just show up. No need to bring the actual car.

Paperwork you or seller need to bring:
Licence register paper part 1B. (This links the name of the owner to the car. The seller have this)
Licence register "overschrijvingsbewijs" or "Kopie deel 3" (this is to transfer the ownership. The seller have this)
Licence plates from the car need to handed over.

Paperwork you receive from RDW:
"vrijwaringsbewijs" this is for the seller to prove that the licence number is no longer linkt to him.
New licence register paper part 1B.  (with the new owner's name on it)
New licence register paper part 2 (prove of export?)

Costs: €10.77

In UK you need:
Licence register paper part 1A (car data. You will get this from the seller.)
New licence register paper part 1B, and part 2 (you got these from RDW)

If you want to drive legaly on Dutch roads after the export procudure:
The car needs temporarely licence plates. Same number as the original, made from cardboard. White background, black letters.
Car need to have valid APK (MOT)
Car need to be insured.

In UK you need:
Licence register paper part 1A (car data. You will get this from the seller.)
New licence register paper part 1B, and part 2 (you got this from RDW)

RDW agency's:
open weekdays 8am to 5pm

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« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2015, 01:59:05 pm »

Thanks for the additional info Bart.

I have now completed half the job so a bit of an update.

ATTENTION : Please read the date this was posted as the rules and regulation change every so often and I spent a fair bit of time reading up on this only to notice some of the info was way out of date.

Get a Government Gateway card as you need this later to complete the TAX aspect but its free and may be of use in the future.  import.http://www.gateway.gov.uk/

I work in Holland ( Zuidland) so I am used to the travel but a cheap return flight to Amsterdam ( Den hag is not a cheap option these days) should be around £120-£150. make sure to get a return just in case.

Book return ferry using the Flexi Option as you don't know what is going to happen and it cost around £10 more than std. I did Dunkerque Dover for £53.

Euros, I used


 I was a bit nervous at ordering on line for delivery but it worked out fine and I got the best deal I could find any where.

Get a train from Schiphol,Trains around Holland are dirt cheap and easy to use and all the staff at Schiphol will help. Budget 20-40 Euro for a ticket.

Do the stuff on the car and then go to the RDW office with your passport  the old number plates and 20 mins later and around 20 Euros lighter ( insurance cost varies) you will have export paperwork, new export number plates and a green stamp insurance which covers a UK driver in Europe for 3 weeks.

Cruise to the exit port of your choice Rotterdam to Dunkerque 3ish hrs with 2 stops.

Important !!

It is against the law for a UK citizen to drive a non uk registered car in the uk ( YEP I had never heard of this either) except when you are driving it to a pre arranged MOT. The law is very vague on this but I arranged a Saturday am MOT and drove back on the Friday late. If stopped in the uk I would say I was driving as far as I felt fit to and then stopping on route and would drive the rest of the way in the morning.

MOT don't do it at the moment the new system can barely MOT a normal car let alone a low production imported car on a VIN. Seriously there are issues and my MOT place struggled for 45mins to get it on the system and could not get the help line as it was a Saturday morning. When I get this resolved I will update again.

When you are back in the UK you need to fill in  a NOVA https://www.gov.uk/nova-log-in 10 minute job to prove that cars over 10 years old don't pay any import tax YOU HAVE 14 DAYS AFTER THE CAR IS IN THE UK TO COMPLETE THIS.

Other wise piece of cake.
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