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Author Topic: New Piper 2.2 Camshaft  (Read 1316 times)
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« on: February 11, 2016, 12:02:09 pm »

I am rebuilding a Murena 2.2 engine at the moment and since the camshaft has a couple of lobes badly worn, (not uncommon as we know!) I will need another cam.  I could have looked for a good second hand one, but these are rare and likely to be costly and you are never sure how good they are going to be.  I could have gone to Simon or Politechnic but again they are expensive and there is also the large postage to take into account too.  So I am getting some brand new cams made by Piper Camshafts in Kent.

They will make these new from blank billets and since they are starting from a blank, the cam profile can also be whatever I choose.  Now for a road car, I have always been happy with the Holbay 58C profile (more commonly known as the Tornado) which brings the standard cam up to roughly 'S' performance.  In fact in my experience it is better, and this is, I speculate, due to the wider timing with 296 degrees valve period rather than the 279 degrees that the 'S' has.  However, the Holbay 58C did not have as much valve lift as the 'S' and we know the 'S' uses standard valve springs without any problems, so I believe the Holbay profile could be improved further without needing different valve springs, or compromising the drivability or fuel consumption.  My plan is to have these new cams made with a similar profile to the Holbay 58C but with a similar lift to the 'S' which should improve the power level further.  As Piper are well versed with cams and profiles they are looking into this for me and will tell me what they finally recommend.

Obviously the cams will not be cheap as they are being made to order, but they will be brand new, using modern material and technology and ideal case hardening and should be better all round.  As a one-off, the cam would have been around £1600 plus tax, but by having a few made I can get that cost down, and so I have asked for three (one for the engine I'm rebuilding for a customer, one for me, and one for another club member) and the cost will be just over £1,000 including VAT.

If there is anyone on the forum that would like one of these cams I'm sure they would do more and the unit cost could come down a bit more, but they have to be all done together for this saving.  So if anyone wants one, they need to commit now with a £250 deposit and I will confirm the numbers with Piper.  They are busy at this time (probably with new racing season work) so the cams may take as much as four months before they are ready.

Regarding the oversize pistons for these engines, some time ago I thought the price was too high and even a supplier here thought he could do much better, so I asked if anyone was interested in new pistons once I got a costing.  In the end the supplier did not even get back to me obviously as he never did get a better price, and I then checked out a few companies myself both in the U.K. and the States, and none of them could come up with a better price than Simon Auto, so I eventually bought some from him.

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« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2016, 09:04:10 am »

Hi y'all
This is a pretty special opportunity to obtain a brand new cam shaft with a new profile.
I've been helping out people over the years with used cams, but now I've reached the stage where I need to look after my future requirements, so I have paid my deposit and watched the price drop substantially!
Roy is going to a lot of effort on this project, so if I were you I would recommend to take advantage of this and seriously think about placing an order with him, then we can all win on price.

Pip Pip,


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