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Author Topic: Matra lives again ! ... well MINE does ... :-)  (Read 508 times)
Lennart Sorth
YaBB God
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« on: April 02, 2017, 10:59:03 pm »

Hi all,

After having neglected my lovely Murena for 3.5 years, while I was rebuilding my new house, I today FINALLY found time to give it a little of my time.

The engine has for over a year not been able to get started, due to lack of ignition - something that previously was an intermittent fault, now become permanent.

I soon found myself focused on the 6-pin connector in the passenger-side of the front, leading to the back of the car - and found several of the pins badly corroded, to the point of almost not making any connection at all !

I put the connector itself into the dishwasher, which left it looking BRAND NEW :-)

All the threads in the wires looked fairly sad - some almost black, so I applied the trick I had read about on the Internet : Vinegar saturated with salt - and stuck the exposed wires in there for 10-15 minutes.  This actually WORKS, - and the wires came out looking shiny and NEW !  - a quick rinse in baking-soda dissolved in water neutralises the acid, and I set about putting new pins on, and assembling the connectors.

Then I - tentatively - tried turning the key, - and lo and behold, the trusty engine came to life as had it just been going yesterday ! :-)

This made me very happy of course, and I now feel the the loooong list of "remaining things to be sorted out" is MUCH less daunting, now the heart is beating ! :-)


Regards to all of you !



Murena 1983 1.9i silver // Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2.0d 2012 white // Smart 4two cdi 2010 blue //
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