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Author Topic: Rear brake pad availability (updated January 2024)  (Read 3234 times)
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« on: November 06, 2023, 02:30:31 pm »

Hello all,

The Bagheera and Murena both use the same rear pads, as does the Espace I Phase 2 Quadra which has rear discs (the normal Espace I has drums at the rear).  Normally I recommend the EBC Greenstuff pads DP2189 as they have always been good and give slightly better braking, but a slightly cheaper alternative that is also a good brand would be Ferodo FDB106 (or 106A) but recently when trying to buy some of either I have found them unavailable!  I have pestered EBC and after more than ten weeks, they are still unavailable and they won't say when they will be available again.  Ferodo simply say they are no longer available!

To me and many Matra owners this is totally unacceptable.  These were fitted to many other cars not just Matra, but many Renault, Simca/Talbot, Fiat/Lancia, as well as others.  I suggest everyone goes on to the EBC website and using their contact form, on https://ebcbrakes.com/contact/ fills it in with a request to know when these will be available again, and maybe when they see the numbers of car owners needing them, just maybe they will do something.

Update: It appears the Mintex rear pads MDB1065 are available, which at least means you can obtain some decent pads.  They will not have the performance of the EBC Greenstuff, but they are much cheaper. Smiley

Genuine Brembo pads may also be available although they are not as common in the U.K. and maybe their Sport version, if they do one for our cars, might be similar to the Greenstuff, but might be more like the Redstuff or even Yellowstuff which I would not recommend for Murena road use and without similar ones at the front.  Those two are really meant for heavier cars and track use only.  I feel Brembo Sport pads are even less likely to be available in the U.K. anyway.

October update: EBC say they are unable to get some of the materials needed at the moment, but hopefully the pads we need may be available in the future.

December update: The EBC DP2189 pads for the rear of the Murena are now finally back in stock!  However, when you buy some, just check the aural warning button is on the correct side as the last ones I bought some months ago were being fitted on the wrong side again.  I haven't bought any of this new supply yet so I don't know how they will be assembled.  It is easy to correct them yourself though, but if you have any doubt just contact me.

January 2024 update:
I have now some of the new stock of the EBC Greenstuff rear pads for the Bagheera and Murena (DP2189) and I can confirm they have put the aural warning buttons back on the wrong side again!  I am writing to them to find out why and to ask them to correct them.  However, you can usually correct them yourself by knocking them out and refitting them on the correct side, but if you are unsure please contact me.

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