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Author Topic: electrical advice Mk2 espace  (Read 5107 times)
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« on: February 03, 2007, 11:23:00 am »

Hi, soon after I bought the espace last year the lights failed. After trying to trace the problem , I found that it was due to a corroded connection burning through in a space just to the side of the glove box where relays for the electical windows are situated . The connecter block was melted and charred so I could not clean it up and reuse it but as far as I could see its only function was to join the wires from the fuse box to the headlights/ side lights with a solid unfused spade lug fitting. So I soldered the two wires together so that it could not happen again. Have had no problems since.
 I have wondered was there any other function of the connecting block? There are two other thin wires that go to it but do not seem to do anything. Any one know , thanks Rob
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