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Matra (Mechanique Aviation et TRAction) is a French company - part of the large Groupe Legardere which covers a wide range of activities, see the Groupe Legardere webpage. Matra's racingsection (Matrasports) became World Champions in Formula-1 in 1969, and dominated the endurance races in the late sixties / beginning seventies. Over the years, Matra also produced a series of roadcars.
This non-commercial site is devoted to as well the Matra racing cars, as all roadcars and prototypes from Matra.

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Today Matra is most known for their huge Media section, but also CAD/CAM & CFD , aerospace and telecom. - and since 2003, of course the new company Matra Automobile Engineering and the paris & Romorantin based Matra Manufacturing & Services, which produce small electric vehicles. However, many motorsport enthusiasts still remember the sound of the "screaming Matra's". In February 2003, Legardere Group however finally pulled out of car-production - closing this wonderful chapter in the automobile industry. Matra will always be remembered - and this website will attempt to help you with just that.

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