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Author Topic: Engine stalling  (Read 8559 times)
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« Reply #15 on: July 25, 2007, 08:12:35 pm »

Roy - how nice to see that avatar, - almost like reading our MECUK magazine :-)

Well I thought since I already have my car shown on my website, I could use that old magazine mugshot so non UK members or residents might see who was giving out various information!

To get back on topic, there are a couple of things you might want to check JosÚ.  First, the idle control valves themselves are not the most reliable of units, and as they are a sort of stepper motor, maybe during the warm up phase, it is not reacting correctly.  Second, the power steering switch can effect the idle - when you turn and therefore increase the loading on the engine via the power steering pump, the increase in pressure is supposed to signal the inj. computer to increase the revs. slightly.  Actually on later systems it doesn't actually increase the revs. anymore but widens the inj. pulse to give the same effect of stopping the revs from dropping.  Now you mentioned that it tried to cut out when you were turning, and you had difficulty steering, so it just made me wonder if it always happens when you are steering during the critical warm up period?  If it does, maybe the fault lies in that signal or lack of?  That may explain why it didn't happen the other day after filling.  Maybe you were not turning at the critical time?  The other thing that could affect idling is the fuel vapour carbon canister operating solenoid.  If this operates inappropriately it could cause stalling.  Or if the canister was saturated it might create too rich a mixture just at the wrong moment.  Regarding the re-filling of the tank, have you noticed a vacuum when removing the cap?  Try running without the cap on a few times and see if the fault still happens.  Finally for now, have you actually taken the 55 pin plug off the computer?  A common problem on these cars was water getting in to the loom and running down to the connector where it caused corrosion in the connections.  This can cause all sorts of problems depending on which circuits are affected.

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