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Developping a new Bagheera Bonnet pannel V
by Spyros ... November 30, 2009, 10:23:18 pm
I gave it a second chance and ...

Now I  have to clean it ...
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by Spyros ... October 04, 2008, 10:47:04 am
The project is stopped.

My usage of the blogging facility probably also. There is something wrong with the structure.
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Re: Stop
by Spyros ... November 23, 2008, 09:37:27 am
Reading, finding back stuff, organizing, Sharing pictures, with the Blog is not as easy as you'd think.
I was very enthousiastic at the idea and I still think that this is a wonderfull idea. But I feel that the moderators are limited by the tool capabilities.

Last first ? I don't know if it's the good way.
I'd also like to comme back to a post and add another chapter, so organising your stuff not because of the time it has been posted but by subjects, in... Read More
Re: Stop
by RazorbackNOR ... November 21, 2008, 05:54:46 am
What happened...? And what was wrong....?

Developping a new Bagheera Bonnet pannel IV
by Spyros ... August 31, 2008, 10:42:12 am
So, when all the panel has been glued with the new dimension, I can unfix it from the outside skin I used.

Turn it upside down and start filling the gap.

For this I use fiber reinforced filler.

Actually, even if this filler is mandatory, it will generate some issues.

First it is very hard to grind down.
Also, this will generate irritating fiber powder.

In order to produce the mold, I'm using various types of fibers.

1) Very light vowen fiber. Not a lot of strenght but will adapt itself without difficulty to any type of curves.
This is a must as first coat (after the gel coat)
Price : About 8 euro for a square meter

2) Matt. Very good, powder impregnated so that it will drink the resin. Not as flexible as the first tissue but will still follow the curves reasonably well. 300 (exist aslo in 450 or higher)
Price : About 2 euro per square meter.
Use a couple of coats

3) Old Matt. Don't remember where it came from. Doesn't follow the curves. Good to arm yourself. Don't use this !

4) Very dense vowen tissue. Difficult to impregnate but will provide a lot of strenght 

Now the mold is about done.

But I got too much allergia from this powder and I'll stop for a week.
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Re: Developping a new Bagheera Bonnet pannel IV
by Anders Dinsen ... September 02, 2008, 02:42:08 pm
Great work, Spyros. Hope you will recover from the dust-exposure!  Smiley

Developping a new Bagheera Bonnet pannel III
by Spyros ... August 26, 2008, 01:20:16 pm
So, let's look to a standard serie II pannel
(2 types of pannels have been used)

This picture is coming from my black X 1979

As you can see pointed in red, there is a gap between the outside skin and the panel.
Only the external profile (all the surrounding) is glued.
Left like this, the strenght will not be there.
The fiberglass panel is too flexible

If we position the mold on a skin and hold the surrounding with grips, we will find the same gap .
I mesured the gap with a micrometer and wrote the size in red on the panel.

As you can see, even a screwdriver will enter that gap :

There is also another issue.
Actually the side of the steel pannel was displaying a small crease.
The goal is to quide the glue.

Now if from this mould I made a new panel. At best the outside of the pannel will display this. But not the inside. µ
That won't be a big issue except that in order to reproduce it the fibers needs to bent and fill a very small kind of wave patern. Not easy at all !
So, I might decide to cancel this crease.

Now, time to modify the original shape.
I know that by doing this I can destroy the mold but I took the risk.

I started to cut the side of the panel with a dremmel and the thinnest disk possible
Let's say that we have a square opening. µ
Then, I'll cut 3 sides so that the middle one can be pressed on the outside skin

Then I'll glue it again in that position.
After that, I cut the remaining side, press it and I can glue all the side with the new extension.

Here on the side also

I'm currently finishing this. On the first internal losange, I already refilled the ... Read More
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Developping a new Bagheera Bonnet pannel II
by Spyros ... August 24, 2008, 12:37:16 pm
So, after creating a new mold, I apparently forgot to take pictures.

During a long period, my manufacturing projects where left dormant.
This because I was focusing on the redaction of the Last Matra Bagheera Manual ( a manual covering years 1978  to end, which was never published by Matra. About 400 pages, own published, already 60 % of printed copies sold)

End of July, the status was the following :

My planning was to be ready by mid august.
It would have been the case if the project would have been to reproduce a steel panel in fiberglass.
But ... I revised the scope of the project.
This because an important assumption was not correct :
The pannel needs to glue perfectly to the external polyester panel in order to maintain structural rigidity.µ
As I will show you, this is not true with the original steel panel and would cause an issue if the steel is replaced by polyester
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