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Author Topic: 2.2dCi crankshaft pulley failure  (Read 22023 times)
Lennart Sorth
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« Reply #15 on: May 12, 2009, 11:42:27 pm »

Here is a reply on an old thread of Martins, - but I can report that by the look of it, our 2002 2.2 dci has just had exactly the same failure.

As some will know, I am not in the same country as the car most of the time, so it is based on reports from my wife and daughter, plus the good new garage where it has been placed for TLC :-)

Initially the reports sounded more like a clutch failure, - which at 125.000 km might be expected - but the  good mechanic in charge of the TLC (an independent Espace specialist in Hørve, Denmark) told me today that the cause definitely was the crankshaft pulley, which is lucky, as it is not as big an operation as a clutch.

He was also tasked with a condenser replacement, as the AC had given up the ghost - having been refilled twice at Renault, who then concluded the condensesr needed replacement. As it is, the independent guy has not been able to verify the condenser as being bad (the system has held a 10bar pressure all day), and I get the feeling it was just a Renault garage cockup which they tried to hide by giving the customer the choice of refilling again (150€ out of the window) or replace the condenser (1500€ out of the window) - all possibly just because the Renault garage had not closed the circuit properly in the first place ??

I might be inventing conspiracy theories here, but I have had VERY poor experiences at that Renault garage - which we only have used because it is in walking distance from our house. 

But it is certainly a good sign that this independent Espace specialist start out by making the visit cheaper than it could be ... very promising indeed. Me thinks our Espace will go back there for future service and TLC. :-)

Anyway, - I will report back when I get the final judgement - and my wife get the car back, which probably won't be until next week though.


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« Reply #16 on: July 21, 2009, 12:31:18 am »

Yep, happend to my espace too. Luckily I was just pulling out of the Renault dealers after I had taken it to them so they could try and find out what the tinkiling noise was that I had heard for a week!! They prononced the car was fine - it got 100 yards from the dealer and then bang, pulley dropped to bits. Now interestingly, only the week before they had fitted a new auxilliary belt tensioner and belt. I am sure someone must have noticed the metalised rubber section of the pulley was shot at the time, and that the pulley had moved inwards half an inch and was touching the engine casing (the tinkiling noise??)  But no. They hadn't looked.

Had the same thing happen ten years ago on a Saab 900 Turbo at 80mph on the M1 - now that DID cause a real mess - it came thru the bonnet!
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