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Author Topic: 1981 Murena 2.2 for sale.  (Read 2489 times)
Jon Weywadt
YaBB God
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« on: February 18, 2017, 01:34:11 pm »

Hi All you Murena fans.

The time has come where I must throw in the towel.
Due to arthritis in my hands I can no longer do the necessary work and the project is therefore no longer fun. So the car must go and stop reminding me of what I cannot do Sad.

It is a 1981 2.2 with a Holbay 58C cam, so lots of power. I have not gotten it tuned propperly, so you could possibly get more out of it. (original cam is included)
The car was originally Hudson Green with golden velour interior. The previous owner resprayed it in a darker metallic green. It could do with a respray.
It has a valid Danish MOT and just turned “antique” so the next MOT is when it turns 40 and then every 8 years after that.
The car drives fine though it needs the 2. gear synchro sorted. (I have the gear wheel and synchro ring, but can’t do the work)
I have done a lot of work on it, but it still needs work several places to be like new.

The front bumper was cracked and I have repaired it with fiber glass. It is painted black at the moment.
I have installed LED driving lights that come on when ignition is on.
Frog-lights aligned with new stainless (home-made) shims and bolts.
The head was refurbished last year and the Holbay 58C cam fitted.
It has all stainless steel cooling and heater pipes, including in the engine compartment.
The header tank is replaced by a custom built aluminium tank.
The water pump is 'new' (new shaft, bearings and seals, thanks to the help of Jesper)
The fuel pump is replaced by an electric pump, which speeds up starting.
The muffler is a dual-exhaust stainless steel type. The manifold is the “banana” type.
The rear brake calipers were refurbished by Roy and have not seen much wear since.
The hand brake cable has been replaced by a stainless steel aircraft type.
Metal plates around and under the radiator has been replaced by stainless steel.
Rod and fittings holding the bonnet are made in stainless steel.
The fuse box bracket and lid are stainless steel.
Whatever I worked on, the screws, bolts and nuts were replaced with stainless steel kind.
Instrument panel gauges have been fixed and the clock replaced.
A fixed-speed heater fan has replaced the old one that burned out. I have an electronic speed control and potentiometer that will replace the old fan switch for speed adjustment.
The front compartment fiberglass insert has been fastened with pop-nuts and stainless screws for easy removal.

Mechanical work that should be done (parts included):
Replace 2nd. gear and synchro (the replacement parts are included) (also new high 5th. gear)
Possibly convert to fuel injection. (injection manifold with injectors, air-flow and other parts included. Also a brand new Mega-Squirt injection control unit and a fast acting Lambda probe are included)
A complete set of new door seals, including the brown velvet inner seals, are included.
New rear view mirror included.
New window slide guides are included.
New rubber moulding for top of bumper is included with mounting tape (professional type)
New modern fuse box included ready to be installed. Fits the original bracket.
White Murena decals are included.

The following is also included:
An extra set of seats.
Original brown steering wheel. (in good condition)
A Ferrari style rear hatch to replace the rear window. Includes side window grills and gas dampers.
Brand new “S-style” side skirts.

I probably forgot something, but contact me if you have questions.

Check these posts to get an idea of what has already been sorted:
and here:
and here:
and most definitely here:

I am asking 60.000 Danish kroner for the lot. Let me know if you are interested, or want to leave a bid.

Best regards. Jon.
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Matranaut par excellence Cool
Jon Weywadt
YaBB God
Posts: 998

« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2017, 05:47:27 pm »

I did forget something. Grin
I had planned to switch to Evans waterless cooling instead of water.
So I include 10 liters of Evans prepfluid and 12 liters of Evans waterless coolant.
I also include a complete set of new steering bolt joints (upper and lower, for both sides)
I can also include a set of side-mirrors that have the same shape as the originals, but with a different adjustment mechanism. Some modification to the triangular mirror mount in the door must be made, but others in the forum have done the job, so it can be done.

Matranaut par excellence Cool
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