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Why a blog ?
by Spyros ... August 10, 2008, 02:48:22 pm
This morning I realised the wonderfull present given by the forum administrators.

I was so enthousiastic that I immediatelly suscribed.

But ? How to position it ?
How to allow at the same time these Blogs and the Forum ?

I've a web site. Probably the most documented Bagheera web site, even if I haven't touched it since years.
I started this in 1998 and this allowed me to learn a lot and to make plenty of contacts all over the world.
Since then, I consider Web Sites are more a repository but for people communication, it's something of the past.
Not the appropriate tool.
This because I really believe that the interactions are the most interesting points.

I recently published a thick manual about the last Bagheera evolutions and strangely, even if I've a lot of difficulties to sale it, I'm currently under presure, (from my readers) to publish a Bagheera history.
I'm really wondering if paper books are still the way to go and I'vnt made my mind about it yet.

So now, 2 types of tools (Forum and Blogs) and a big question. How, why to develop a blog without interfering with the forum content. I don't think we are the usual bloggers that are in vital need of communicating what they are doing or thinking.

So what ? 
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Re: Why a blog ?
by Spyros ... August 23, 2008, 02:46:40 pm
Hi Guys,

This was not really a question to raise a debate. I have my answers to these questions. Simply, I wanted to introduce the thinking process. But apparently the succes is not there. I'll post something else
Re: Why a blog ?
by Lennart Sorth ... August 12, 2008, 10:41:49 pm
Hi Spyros - and congrats on being the first non-admin with a blog! :-)

I agree on your thoughts on websites - as you remember MatraSport started in 1995, and the bulk of the information and structure is still from 1995-2000, - only pictures have been added in much larger versions as the general Internet connection became faster.

The site is hand-written in HTML, which makes it very robust and 100% hacker safe.

A forum is much better for real-time updates and comm... Read More
Re: Why a blog ?
by Anders Dinsen ... August 10, 2008, 11:39:44 pm
Spyros, I suggest you post this in the 'General discussion' section on the forum as this is obviously not "blogging", but a question to raise a debate. But it's a very valid question, indeed.

- Anders

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