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Author Topic: Murena Engine Rebuild  (Read 12319 times)
« Reply #30 on: July 18, 2011, 12:04:38 pm »

Thanks GP... that pretty much doest it for me... I'm gonna give it a go Smiley

Your welcome Krede. Good decision.

NB: Having seen that ceramic coating company site for the first time today I have sent a request to them out of interest, for a price to ceramic coat the S/S manifold in white? Keep you posted.


Hi Krede here is the answer:

Dear Graham

Thank you for your enquiry via our website.

Zircotec® coatings are proven for application to a variety of materials providing a high performance ceramic thermal barrier coating, which improves the efficiency of exhausts and prevents local component and chassis damage from radiated heat.  In recent testing surface temperatures were reduced by ~33% for our Performance Range and ~25% for our Primary Range; both may be suitable for your needs but more details are shown on our website www.zircotec.com.

Our coatings are not paints but ceramics applied using a plasma spraying process which ensures an extremely well adhered, durable coating with an extremely hard and durable surface that is highly resistant to vibration, mechanical damage and thermal shock. The full process, which is suitable for both new and used exhaust systems, consists of: masking where the coating is not required, surface preparation, spraying of base coat and finally spraying of ceramic thermal barrier coat. As we use plasma spraying process the coating is to the external surfaces only with no preparatory work required by you.  

The natural colour of our coating is white/cream, but many of our customers call for the very highest level of performance offered by Performance White™ but also require a coating with a finish that can be more easily maintained. To meet this need Zircotec has developed a range of high quality multi-coat colour finishes that are applied over the top of our standard plasma-sprayed ceramic. The full range of colours can be seen on the attached link (http://www.zircotec.com/page/-_performance_colours/47 ).   Our Primary range is only available in a matt black finish.

Regarding pricing; for an S O H C 4 cylinder manifold the cost to coat is £160 for Primary Black™; £228 for Performance White™ or £262 for any from our Performance Colours™ range.  Prices exclude shipping and VAT.  Turnaround time is approximately 10 working days with payment accepted via credit card or bank transfer.

To proceed simply send the manifold to the address below, remembering to include your contact details. We will contact you upon receipt to confirm details and arrange payment.

Kind Regards

Linda Dowdell
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