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Modding the Diesel Espace
by WessexElectricNutter ... June 24, 2014, 07:21:00 pm
I decided to go on a spending spree recently and modify the diesel espace I own. That was a good idea so I thought at the time. I got some green LED's so I know what car I am driving and found that I got bright spots in the dash when I replaced the lights.

For those wondering, you need 8 W5W capless bulbs should you want to replace the lot. I also found the hazard bulb on the LCD display, basically this lights up red to gain your attention and again, its a capless bulb, but with a red filter on it. For the record, it IS possible to replace the bulbs for the sidelights, dipped beam, handbrake, etc lights (3 most common ones to go) and that you need some dashboard bulbs, raid one in the scrapyard, I can't remember the type off my head anyway.

Here's the result.

Now to do some speakers upgrade. So I spent 70 on speakers, a pair of 4" and 2 pairs of 5.25" speakers.... I was WRONG! The actual speakers turned out to be 4" with custom holes in the front dashboard, it IS possible to fit, but the way you may want to do it to stop the speaker from flopping around is line up one of the holes, screw that down and put a screw outside the mount, screw it down while holding the speaker in place and it shouldn't move.
5.25" speakers in the front doors, these will fit with some pusuasion, the pegs get in the way, but not too difficult.
Rear doors..... turned out to be 6.5" speakers.

OH ****!

Now to spend another 30 on the right speakers with no guarantee they will fit - or play it safe and get 2 ring adapters and think about the problem later. On a side note, I also found the system in the Espace has a tweeter, a standard 4" speaker, 2 bass 5.25" speakers,  a 6.5" 2 way speaker and a 6.5" factory speaker.... what a mess! The factory one is the worst of the lot, the 4" one at least has some polyurethane construction, the 6.5" one is paper!
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