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 on: August 15, 2019, 07:36:32 am 
Started by Anders Dinsen - Last post by Anders Dinsen
The guy is probably a local in Mulsanne, he might be restoring the car and then he just fitted this set of old UK plates he had lying around to save the trouble of getting his car completely ready for registration or getting some temporary plates... I'm guessing, but they look good on the car, I think Smiley

Roy, I know from my work in taxes there are ways to claim debt from EU citizens, even though they've moved to another country, especially if you're a local authority. It's not as straight forward as one could dream of, but the authroities here have a whole office for international debt collection.

 on: August 14, 2019, 07:53:32 pm 
Started by Anders Dinsen - Last post by roy4matra
With all the Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras around that's a risky strategy in the UK.  Perhaps he just puts it on in France.

Or the owner doesn't live in the U.K. so if picked up by cameras on the continent, do they bother to get in touch with other countries?  I know it is often said it is too much trouble here when trying to trace a foreign reg. so it doesn't get chased up.  It seems only the people who play by the rules get done most of the time.  And we end up paying to cover the costs of those that never pay. Sad

We've received so many letters at my block of flats from banks, mobile phone companies, power companies, and debt collecting agencies for huge amounts (many thousands of pounds) for people who've rented and lived in one of the flats for a short time, never paid their bills then left the country and gone back to Europe!  I have another recently arrived with over 3000, just for London traffic offences! (parking and/or wrong lane or speeding caught on camera probably)

It takes time to run up that much of a bill - how come they are never caught?  Since the windscreen tax disc was abolished here, they have lost millions!  So much for it saving money as was predicted!


 on: August 14, 2019, 12:47:32 pm 
Started by murramor - Last post by TELBOY
Hi Ron,
I can help you with that one because I have experience in how not to do it!
The ashtray has a small clip at the back which is designed so it cannot be slid completely out without probable damage.
Slide it as far out as it will go, reach behind it and remove the three screws and the two nuts.
It comes out by moving the rear downwards and then the tabs at the front come away from the dash. The whole assembly comes out as one. don't forget to disconnect the wires for lighter and light.

 on: August 14, 2019, 11:04:34 am 
Started by murramor - Last post by murramor
Thanks Ian. That is very helpful. One further question. How does one take the ashtray out? The answer is probably simple but not obvious to me!
Thanks again.

 on: August 14, 2019, 09:20:07 am 
Started by Anders Dinsen - Last post by suffolkpete
With all the Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras around that's a risky strategy in the UK.  Perhaps he just puts it on in France.

 on: August 13, 2019, 10:42:56 pm 
Started by Anders Dinsen - Last post by roy4matra
I spotted a few nice Matras at Le Mans this year, mostly during the largely improvised, but well organized Friday exhibition in Mulsanne corner of various classic cars and supercars. There was even a few Teslas, but I don't know how they fitted in Smiley

Interesting thing about that white Murena - it appears to have a U.K. registration on it: SUB111G.  However when I checked DVLA that number comes up for a 1969 Triumph 2-litre (could be a Triumph 2000 or Vitesse).  It has not been taxed in the U.K. since 1995 so may have been exported, but what is the registration doing on a Murena?

That's interesting. I have a shot of it from the front and has enlarged it. It could be an old number plate they had lying around and put on for the occasion as it has holes in it. I don't know old English license plates, but it seems the paint forming the letters has some a structure in it and that the license plate itself is painted with some sort of black crackle paint.

I didn't see the owner of the car, by the way.

My guess would be the owner is trying to avoid paying tax, & speeding fines if caught on cameras as the authorities won't easily be able to trace it!  That letter style was available in silver on a black background in a perspex plate (black with silver letters were allowed for a 1969 car) but it looks like it has been painted over with crinkly black and the letters in white.  Odd!



 on: August 13, 2019, 09:59:08 pm 
Started by tonyz59 - Last post by Anders Dinsen
Hi Tony, congratulations on your Murena - I hope you'll have many years of fun with tinkering and driving. It would be lovely if you could share some pictures of it. Welcome here!


 on: August 13, 2019, 04:58:45 pm 
Started by tonyz59 - Last post by tonyz59
Just thought I'd say Hi,  just recently bought a 2.2 murena in silver with grey  buttoned velour interior ! going to be  a running and hopefully !! only a tinkering project. It has the usual slow electric windows, especially the passenger side. Also the 2nd speed on the wipers is not much faster than no 1.  managed to source the passenger door mirror off of ebay that was broken, so a few little jobs done already. This is not my 1st matra as I had a orange bagheera  s  37 years ago, funnily enough the age of the murena . Tony

 on: August 13, 2019, 02:51:05 pm 
Started by murramor - Last post by MatraIan
Hi Ron - 2 pictures attached
It is obvious where the pivot is on one end as that is where the cables connect the 2nd pic has the pivot points shown by red arrow. One is through a bracket inside and does not protrude through to the outer casing. You can also see how poor the foam is. The foam supports the matrix and seals the gaps between the different air routes inside. You can see the actual matrix which is in good condition now all the debris is cleaned off. The matrix sits in the top at an angle and is released by bending the two metal strips up, which hold it at the back and removing two rivets and a small plate that hold it at the front (not shown in pic). I said 4 nuts to remove there are 3 on top to bulkhead and one on a bracket at side of radio after removing vents.
Hope this helps.

 on: August 12, 2019, 10:55:15 pm 
Started by murramor - Last post by murramor
Thanks Ian.  I would love to see some photos.  Like you, my engine has been rebuilt and the entire cooling system is new except for the heater so I am now very motivated to clean out this last piece of the puzzle.  The car was not run for 17 years so the coolant had turned into some sort of crystalline muck and I shudder to think what's inside the heater matrix!

Luckily, I have no radio fitted so access might be easier and I do have a couple of options for help which I will now explore.


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