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 on: April 06, 2020, 11:07:26 am 
Started by Moes - Last post by Moes

Things are moving forward  Cheesy  

I am done painting the chassis. I have assembled the gearbox with new synchromesh rings, a couple of new gear-selector gears, some new bearings, and used parts from two old gearboxes; so I am very excited to try it out.. I cross my fingers and hope that I have done a good job.

The gas tank i bought from a scrap Bagheera has been cleaned, and the fuel sender from my old tank has been refurbished and installed; and yesterday I got the tank in place, with the new tank straps  Grin

I have started out on installing the new brake lines, and I have been laying the last touch on my brake calipers installing new rubber boots; the only thing I am missing for the brakes are new brake hose.

I have also been cleaning all the old grease out of my CV joints on the drive axles, It had become a bit curdled/broken/old; so now I am changing the grease, and painting the axles.

The only hiccup lately has been that the console fixing the torsion bars too the chassis has been powder coated on the inside where the torsion bar splines goes.. And now the torsion bars can not get in, and I will some how have the grind the hard paint out of there Sad

Best Matra regards Frederik        

 on: April 05, 2020, 09:13:56 pm 
Started by TELBOY - Last post by TELBOY
Thanks JL. I did think ot that but couldnt find a wire long enough. And had to think about getting stuff ready for work tomoz. Next day off wed so will have a better look

 on: April 05, 2020, 08:08:44 pm 
Started by TELBOY - Last post by JL
I think you are still correct with the bad earth, try running an earth wire directly to your battery.

Good luck.

 on: April 05, 2020, 03:48:34 pm 
Started by TELBOY - Last post by TELBOY
Finished drivers seat (minus runners) this took ages partly due to the sponge crumbling and having to repair.
on a different note My front side lights flash very faintly with the indicators, when sidelights are on and I use indicators they flash brightly in time with indicators, to me it sounds like a bad earth but I have checked and rechecked and cannot find a problem , any ideas anyone?

 on: April 01, 2020, 08:31:21 am 
Started by Anders Dinsen - Last post by Gib
To my mind not really, around £250-£300 but they have offers on every so often. A new Bosch dizzy is around £100-£200 for my brothers Traction it was going to be higher. And a standard dizzy is just that, with non of the 123 benefits

 on: March 31, 2020, 05:58:34 pm 
Started by Anders Dinsen - Last post by Murenanimal
And the Price is rather expensive!

 on: March 30, 2020, 08:40:28 am 
Started by Anders Dinsen - Last post by Gib
Yes my brother has this setup in his Traction Avant and I think one of his CX's. What it claims to do its does.

The biggest issue is making sure you can get some up front help from the seller or get on a good forum. At first glance they are not as intuitive as they seem but it is akin to giving an IPhone to an Android user or vice versa. Once you understand the logic no issues. As for the quality its very good with fit and finish being high. Its a long term investment to my mind.

Not much else to say, with in 10 mins you get a good working advance curve but you could spend days on there perfecting it its up to you.

 on: March 29, 2020, 05:00:33 pm 
Started by philping - Last post by roy4matra
Hey there! Welcome to the forum. Sad to hear about your contrôle technique experience. I have the following specs on file:

Sodemo gr 4:   Lift 7.75mm  Timing 30° 86° 78° 42°
Period (Inlet) 296° (Exhaust) 300°       Overlap 72°

I agree, the Holbay is a great cam shaft. Although it has less lift than the S-cam, the overlap helps the airflow and the performance might be even better. Also, it runs very well with the standard Solex 34CIC carb.

2020 Update:

I have now found my Politecnic brochure and the above specifications are not quite correct, so I would like to correct them for anyone else who is wanting to uprate their 2.2 engine, and is reading this thread.

The camshaft specification Anders lists above as the Sodemo Gr.4 cam is actually the data for the Politecnic Maxiroute camshaft and will only produce around 150-155 horsepower and cannot be a Group 4 cam producing 184cv.  The Group 4 Politecnic-Danielson kit which was supposed to produce 184 cv also had bronze valve guides and special sodium filled exhaust valves (for cooling) with twin concentric valve springs and special aluminium retainers. Whether these valves were larger and the head had a higher compression it does not say, but I suspect it did and also had a special high lift cam, higher than even the Piper 3777 because having spoken to experienced racing engine manufacturers, for this naturally aspirated 2.2 engine, the valves would need to be lifting over 12mm to produce around 185 horsepower.

We know that the Piper 3777 cam with 8.3mm cam lift and therefore 11.371 valve lift, plus wider timing will not produce more than approx. 160bhp so there is no way the Maxiroute cam with less lift could produce that claimed 184cv (181bhp) without extensive other modifications.  But the original Politecnic brochure does not claim the Politecnic-Danielson kit uses the Maxiroute cam.  The brochure simply lists what was available from them at the time and the options were:
1) Maxiroute reprofiled camshaft priced at 1,990 FF in exchange for your old cam.
2) Politecnic-Danielson complete Gr.4 kit priced at 7,500 FF.  (yes French Francs which shows how old this brochure is!)
You can see from the price difference here, that the Gr.4 kit contained a lot more as it cost approx. 3.5 times as much as the reprofiled Maxiroute cam!


 on: March 29, 2020, 12:37:08 pm 
Started by Anders Dinsen - Last post by Anders Dinsen
Hi all,

Flickr user and Murena 1.6 owner Quentin Boullier posted pictures today showing a programmable digital distributor with bluetooth interface from 123Ignition in the Netherlands. Complete with an Android or iPhone app it appears to be a direct replacement for Ducellier distributors like those our cars are using. See this link, for example: https://flic.kr/p/2iJAfWG

This seems to be the product he is installing:


It looks very interesting, I think. For example it includes immobilizer, rev limiter and complete monitoring. The only thing I can think of it could be missing is a programmable knock sensor input. But that's a small thing and would probably be too difficult to set up to be useful. Anyone here who have tried or heard anything about this?


 on: March 21, 2020, 11:59:50 am 
Started by Moes - Last post by Moes

Thank you again, Anders :-)

I have been working some more on the car the last weeks, and it is for most parts going along just fine.

On the bright side I have a little ekstra time on my hands these days  Undecided

I have run into a problem; I knew that glas blasting and surface treatment of the gearbox housing would be a bit of a gamble, because I did not know, if the treatment would remove material. The guy who glas blasted the gearbox housing covered up the inside and bearing seats, but yesterday I was preparing to assemble the gearbox, and after getting the new bearings on the high gear axle, I tried to place the axle in the housing, and it just slided in (which it was not suppose too  Cry )   It seems the surface treatment has removed some surface material, and now the fit is not correct.

As stated I knew it was a gamble, and it is not a big issue, I have two more gearbox housings, but this time I will just give it a good scrub down with paint remover, before assembling it.

Besides from the little ekstra gearbox work things a turning out just fine  Smiley  

I have bought a type of epoxy 2K primer which I have not been using before. It is made for boats and come in a light or regular version. It is from the manufacturer Hempel. The light primer which I bought is in my objective not light at all..  Cheesy  It is like soft-ice, but when thinned down it is surprisingly easy to work with (with a brush), no bubbles, good cover on edges, very nice finish. I don not know about the durability yet, but so far a am very pleased with it! I apply two coats, first one quiet thin, and the second a bit thicker.

Best regards Frederik

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